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Jul 22, 2021
(fishing stories, advice, pics from all regions)
Bluegill in 5 gal Bucket
by FS Digest, 19 posts
Cumberland cat
by Crappie 007 from Adams Tennessee, 18 posts
Napa yesterday
by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 13 posts
For those here complaining about the heat
by Bcmech1 from Roscoe Illinois, near Wisconsin border, 16 posts
River Front Park 7/21/21
by Bassmatter from Rohnert Park Ca., 40 posts
Frogs are painful
by FS Digest, 18 posts
Get this !!!
by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 18 posts
Rod guide help
by FS Digest, 8 posts
Looking for line recommendations
by FS Digest, 17 posts
biting fish.
by Howard from Northern Va, 10 posts
by ranger632 from Calif, 14 posts
Serious about GLOW tackle!
by fishyaker from NW Michigan (Lower Peninsula), 13 posts
Today’s Salmon Best of the Western Oregon Coast
by Jeremy from Oregon sometimes, 8 posts
Early morning fishing
by FS Digest, 4 posts
The Importance Of Weeds And How You Should Fish Them...
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 3 posts
5 Tips for Fishing Soft-Plastic Jerkbaits...
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Rage Ned Bug Tip ... Vertical?
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
(from all regions)
Ohio Fishing
by M.Mills from West Central Ohio, 8 posts
Little Pigeon River (Sevierville Tennessee)
by Jnbogz from Knoxville, TN, 5 posts
Upper Ownes River
by Zikker74 from Nevada, 5 posts
San Francisco, CA bay area first charter boat trip
by edwardms from San Leandro, Ca, 3 posts
Vancouver wa
by jstal1822 from Vancouver wa, 2 posts
Watch Hill RI fishing
by Lizard from Rhode island, 2 posts
Lake Erie walleye
by Rlfink16259 from Erie PA, 1 post
Fishing for Kings off piers. (piers at north myrtle)
by Catdaddy90 from Myrtle beach (Apache and Cherry Grove), 1 post
Redfish (between aransas pass and port aransas)
by Carlthefishman from Aransas pass,tx, 1 post
Dewart Lake in kosciusko county, IN
by mmorse68 from Indiana, 1 post
(rerun) Surf Fishing (Myrtle Beach SC)
by T. Davenport from Virginia, 35 posts
(rerun) Lake Vermillion fishing
by Tom Wasz, 9 posts
(rerun) Crabing in area 10 (washington)
by Orlando61 from Seattle wa, 5 posts
(rerun) Any updates from Big Lake?
by Trahanlj from Port Arthur, Texas, 7 posts
(rerun) Shinnicock Long Island NY
by jmfarruggia from Long Island NY, 5 posts
Introduce Yourself
old newbe
by Jerdana06 from Antioch, 6 posts
Newbie from Portland, Oregon
by dace1954, 10 posts
Old orchard beach stripers
by Kaniff420 from Old orchard beach maine, 3 posts
(rerun) My name
by Charles Brewington, 6 posts
(rerun) NewBee to this forum
by v12harald from Pompano Beach, 2 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
(when we take a break from fishing and talk about something else)
Good morning 7/21/21
by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 39 posts
Photo of the Day 68
by Gordon from Charleston South Carolina, 50 posts
7/21/2021 Thought for Today
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 24 posts
Dodging the Bullet!
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 4 posts
Jersey has the best drivers
by greenfrog from Central NJ, 2 posts
Personal Criteria for Success!
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 2 posts
(rerun) 7/20/2021 Thought for Today
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 82 posts
(rerun) here is somethin for my many friends on the Stage(this does includeCDB)
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 62 posts
(rerun) Good morning 7/20/21
by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 43 posts
(rerun) Van Gogh and family
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 24 posts
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