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Kayak fishing: Need tips on jigging while drifting
Jul 21, 2021 16:46:14   #
FS Digest
I went out for the first time in a kayak fishing with my partner and we absolutely slayed the jacks with crankbaits, but we also tried jigging for walleyes with no luck.

I have a fish finder so I would look for them or structure to target, but I found I could only get a few jerks in before I would drift off the spot, with my line going nearly horizontal after a few minutes of this. I tried heavier jigs, but I felt I was too heavy for them with a 3/8

How do you guys deal with the drift? Or does it not matter? It seems super hard to stay in the sweet spot and once my line is at a 45° angle I feel like I need to reset.

by Hatandboots

Jul 21, 2021 16:53:20   #
Rock Hound Loc: Southeast Minnesota
Kayaks do drift much faster than a boat. 3/8" is not super heavy for walleye fishing. Depending on how deep you are fishing, you might need to go to a 1/2 oz.

Jul 23, 2021 07:55:38   #
james hsiang Loc: Maine
I use an anchor in shallow enuf waters. 50' of 3/16" nylon twine isn't too heavy and won't break the bank.

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