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Personal Criteria for Success!
Jul 21, 2021 14:08:38   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Houston TX
Along my personal path or career, I should say careers since I have had several, I have developed a philosophy of how to overcome a miraid of obstacles and challenges. Much of my philosophy can be summarized in the ‘Simulation Exercise’ given to Merrill Lynch applicants back in the 1980’s. I was told I would be given this simulation exercise along with 10 to 15 others and it would last about three hours. It was held in a Merrill office after the markets had closed and all the brokers and gone home.

It was intended to replicate ‘a day in the life of a broker’ and would give us an idea of a day in the life of stock broker, as well for Merrill to evaluate our performance. Since I had already experienced similar simulation tests, it did not have as much emotional impact upon me as it might on others who were participating. I was told later that I had scored the highest of all that classes participants.

But let me explain what I did. I took a sheet of paper and created a list of priorities or objectives that I wanted to accomplish. Since the simulation was a truncated day, I kept revising my list every few minutes to keep up with the events and they unfolded. This kept me focused on the current events and how I would react to them. This way I was better prepared to handle all the interruptions and changes without losing sight of my goals in spite of the interruptions and delays.

I also decided that I would always tackle the hardest chore first, that way once it was handled, the rest of the chores would become easier and easier as I went along, give me a feeling of success and satisfaction.

Later, as an employee of Merrill Lynch I heard the company had discontinued the ‘Simulation’ program. There were some applicants that claimed it was discriminatory! But I disagree with that and believe it was an accurate simulation of a real day in the life by a broker. One had to manage both their time and emotions in order to attain any level of success. The stress level is quite high, and everyone has to accept that as a reality!

While we were in the midst of taking our ‘Simulation exercise’ I saw one applicant get up and walk out of the room. The stress was too great, but that was what one would have to expect in real life had this individual chosen to accept a broker’s position! Whether the markets are crashing, or booming, you must have a plan to follow! Just Sayin…RJS

Jul 21, 2021 14:51:34   #
BILLBYRD1 Loc: Prattville Al
Very well explained and a great plan to follow.

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