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I’m using 3/0 hooks for bass because I’ve been told that is what I should use. I’m curious why we use such large hooks?
Jul 21, 2021 16:45:42   #
FS Digest
I’m pretty new to fishing, so please forgive me if this is a stupid question lol.

But I was curious why not use a smaller hook? Like wouldn’t a 1/0 work just as well?

Also, does a larger hook make it harder for the fish to get off?


by Itscameronman

Jul 22, 2021 05:46:57   #
OJdidit Loc: Oak Creek Wisconsin
The 3/0 hook is used on certain techniques to make your plastic worm, creature or fluke weedless such as on a Texas or Carolina rig. The hook is run through the bait twice…once in the tip, so the line tie can be buried, then the point is run through again and Tex-posed to make the lure seem natural during the retrieve. A 1/0 hook may not have enough room between the point and shank to be able to pass through the bait and into the fish during a hook set.

Jul 22, 2021 07:59:40   #
Grizzly 17 Loc: South central Pa
Depends on what bait you're using. If you watch the pros even they use a #1 hook at times. I pour my own jigs si i can get what i want. Lite weigh small hook. I can pour lite weight with bigger hook. I can make 1/8 th oz head with 3/0 hook. Works good on bigger tubes when you don't need fast fall but need extra hook length.

Jul 22, 2021 11:42:22   #
Jeffchow88 Loc: San Francisco
I use a #6 circle hook, nose hook and flyline my plastics. Works well for me.

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