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Would you report several rod/bag/method limit violations to parks and wildlife?
I typically fish in a different neighborhood for each species, so I get around. I have one for gar, one for carp (my gar hood is militantly opposed to non-residents fishing there because that lake is full of footballs, but they let me fish because I take their trash), one for bass, catfish, etc. I run into other fishermen all the time, and aside from a small kid wanting to keep their first fish that's too small, I haven't seen much of anything illegal beyond putting tilapia back, which I admittedly do occasionally.

The first trout stocking happened the day before Thanksgiving, so I've been chasing them almost exclusively at the public park lake. I've been 5 or 6 times since, for only an hour or 2 each time, but EVERY time, I've seen SOMETHING illegal. It's a highly pressured pond, not bigger than 2 acres, and it's pretty standard for there to be 3-5 other guys fishing, mostly for catfish. People fish with 3 or 4 rods (2 rod limit), take more than the limit, and today I saw 2 guys using a casting net. On top of all that, I've spent at least 15 minutes cleaning up trash/discarded line 20 feet from trashcans all but one time, and that's because I was last to leave in the evening and the first there in morning, as I felt like soaking a line before work.

Would you make the call? Given how many disregard regulations and how freely they discuss their violations, I tend to doubt whether or not many of these guys are even licensed.

Several of them are clearly feeding their families, which is where I pause.

What say you?

by mypostingname13
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Headed Ice Fishing For The First Time. Looking For Advice
Hi everyone,

I will be embarking on my first ice fishing trip at a buddies cottage in late January. I wanted to see what I should have or what I need to know.

I’ve been fishing for the better part of 30 years now.


by Bonsee
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20lb braid snapping on 40lb leader
Fairly new to fishing

I have 20lb braid spooled on my reel, bought some new mono leader today, 40lb, haven’t gone that heavy before.

Tied an FG knot to connect them, I pull it right (while it’s just on the reel, no rod attached) to see if it is a good knot, and it snaps.

It snaps well before the FG knot, on the braid.

Is it possible that the leader is too heavy? Or is the braid weathered perhaps?

The braid is 6 months old, high quality shimano brand. I regularly clean my rod and reel after every time I go fishing.

by luhrsjk
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Is 30 pound line to light for saltwater, for anything you might catch shore fishing.
There is nothing I hate more than losing tackle to a fish. so is 30 enough or should I get stronger line.
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Were regulations a roadblock for other newbies?
I have fished once in my life and it was when I was a young kid.

I've been really interested in getting into freshwater fishing for a while now. I've just recently gotten to the part of planning an actual trip though and can't seem to understand how to navigate all the regulations.

Most recently I was hoping to fish in Big Sur, but there seems to be no fishing allowed. I was then considering Angeles National Forrest and that is catch and release only. Any tips on how to navigate this for a successful first trip?

TL;DR How do I manage to plan a first trip with all these regulations? Was this difficult for anyone else?

by AnotherMaker
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Found old tackle box
Found a small old tackle box this morning on the bank while I was fishing. It was under a lot of pine needles. I literally tripped over it lol. Not many people fish back there so no telling how long it's been back there. I'm just happy I found a few old wood lures in the mix. Made my day. Now I just gotta break out an old tooth brush and clean them up. Gonna do that in the a.m. while fishing lol

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Just an old man rambling
I fish the Clinch River in TN. I'm a bank fisherman, that likes to get to the river way before the Sun comes up, bait my hook, cast the line out, take up most of the slack, and set my pole against my bucket, and sit back and enjoy my surroundings. For me it is a big thrill to be able to hear the first bird sing, watch the sunrise, and to be perfectly honest, if I don't get a bite or catch any trout it's ok. I try to get to the river as often as I can, and also as often as TWRA is not running generators from the dam. Life is good.
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Need advice for fishing club
Hey all! I am in need of some wisdom. I live in a small town in Ohio and just got the town to approve my idea to start a local fishing club for youth and teens. I want to encourage them to put down the controller's and screens and get outside and fish. I have a pretty good group of youth on board so far with about 30 kids. The problem I am running into the lack of tackle and rods these future anglers will need to enjoy their experience. I have already looked into online garage sales an my nearest mom and pop tackle shop is a bass pro shop and hour drive from my house. The town likes my idea but won't provide any funding for me to even buy the basics. Any ideas on how to get some lures, baits and rods so that everyone can enjoy their time out on the water? Any idea you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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New hear but not new to fishing lol
I'm looking for some California fishing buddy's any one likes fishing let's do some fishing lancaster california area no good places to fish need some buddy's that want to do some fishing I got all kinds of poles and gear and yes a car let's go fishing
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Good Mornin' EVERYONE, and thank you for informing me of your location yesterday. I watched my youngest grandson wrestle in a wrestling tournament all day yesterday, he got third, and I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I opened the Forum. If you don't know what I am talking about, please go back to your profile sheet and fill in your location so that we have some idea of where you are from. If we know your location we can we can refer people to you for advice on the fishing in your area and vice-versa. I'm going to be rather busy with other business so this may take quite a while and I'm sure it will be an ongoing thing. We have about 12,000 members on this Forum, so please bear with me. I'll do what I can if nothing else you can always fire me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Have a good day!
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