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Pic from the Pet
Just got home from the Petaluma River. Kinda slow this morning but we did managed to catch 5. Missed 2 and kept 2. The big one is 27 inches and 8 pounds. The smaller one is 25 inches and 5 pounds.
Got back to the dock early and found that someone stole Brads trailer hitch. Least they didn't steel the trailer too.
Other than that, was a pretty good morning.
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You people are so cruel
It was pointed out that fishermen are the worst of the worst and this is why.
In what other sports do you get food dangled in front of you and as you take a bite you are stabbed through the mouth, dragged through the house by your lip, scared to death, taken out of your air to a suffocating environment and can't breath, your eyes are being burnt, and hot things are holding you burning your skin. Then things are ripped from your face and then if lucky you live to do it again some other time.
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Border war part deux
My fishing buddy was so enamored with the Rainbows he trolled up last week, he wanted to go back for more. Ok by me, I'll try for those deep Bass I couldn't get to bite last week. Forecast close to 60°,light wind,partly cloudy.
Reality, maybe hit 54°,light wind, all clouds all day. Found the deep Bass in a couple spots,tried a tube, jig, hard jerkbait, drop shot with a halfshell,yum dinger, ocho, wacky worm, and a zoom monster worm, all fished painstakingly slow due to the 47°water. NADA, not even a sniff! Meanwhile my buddy tried the shallows with no success, so he started trolling. I saw trout feeding on the surface, an since I brought my trout bucket of goodies,I figured what the hey,why not. Threw a Mooselook Wobbler out behind the boat and kicked the trolling motor up to 1.7mph.
Had the first hit 5 minutes later, dropped him at the boat. Note to self :shut trolling motor off when fighting a trout!
Missed one more but brought 4 into the boat, forgot cooler so CPR ed all fish.
Another work buddy,trout fanatic,says Green lures don't work, so when i saw a deep school I threw out a firetiger Berkley derdger crankbait with lots of green on it. Tied the first fish at 1lb 13oz, the others varied from 14oz to 1lb 9oz. By the way, my buddy got skunked.
1lb 13oz

1lb 8oz


1lb 9oz

Another 1lb 13oz on a Green lure LOL

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Pics from Napa
Got out on the Napa early and caught 3 fish right away. Kept 2 of those, 19 inches and 21 inches.
Caught a few more but didn't keep any of those.
Fished till 1:30 and finally caught 4 more right before we left. Last fish was 10.25 pounds and 30 inches long.
All in all we caught a dozen fish and 7 were keepers. We kept 5 of them.

Saw a BIG golden eagle today. Won't be able to see it unless you can enlarge the pic.
He was absolutely huge. Looked like he was 4 feet tall. When it flew away his wingspan looked to be close to 8 feet.
Seen lots of eagles before but none that big. WOW, SO AWESOME !
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Pawn shop lures
Raining all last weekend. Checked out a local pawn shop’s fishing supplies. Bought three that looked interesting for $7. Fished one of them today. No complaints. Don’t miss out on pawn shop bargains.

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Who knows
What kinda fish is this. Are they good eating. How do you fish for them. What are some good bait or lures. How big do they get. Do you know of any good lakes that have them. Unscramble this and you might fish from one.

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Should you cut the red meat off striper filets?
Should you cut the red meat off striper filets?

by Pete
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Saturday fishing pics really sunny
Hard to see strike indicator but I caught some but a lot fell out my net no pics on those. I hope everyone enjoys the last saying.

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Keeping caught fish
I am learning to surf fish and fish off sound in NC...what’s the best way to keep anything I have caught? I don’t want to keep buying ice which ends up being a waste when I am empty handed. Can I keep in bucket of water till done? In cooler full of ice packs? Trying to make the amount of gear I take with me light.

by CaptNoodleaxe
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Surf action
Has the fall striper run started yet off the south Jersey beaches yet?
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