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Dream fish to catch
I may be different in the way I think and see things, but I believe that everyone who is serious about fishing has that Dream Fish they would love to catch one time in their life. What is everyone's DREAM FISH? That one fish that no matter where you go you just hope and pray is in the water and ready to bite your hook. I would love to hear about your dream, what it is and where they are located. Mine is a Goliath Tiger Fish. They are found in the Amazon I believe and even though they look incredibly mean and nasty I will bet the fight they put up is phenomenal.
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Who's been stung by a saltwater catfish, and how long does the pain last?
I got zapped 4 weeks ago in my thumb joint. There are no visible signs. There hasn't been any swelling since the day it happened. The pain went away for about a week. Now it feels a little sore when I move it, and gets very sore if something hits it.

by TheC0zmo
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What seasoning to put on blue gill
I wanna try bluegill and was wondering if anyone has any good seasoning or recipes

by Vincenthockey21
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Making Money
I'm not looking to get rich just make a little extra cash on the side. Does anyone on here make money fishing besides tournaments? I'd be interested in how to get started fishing local tournaments if you have input on that also. I know joining a local club is pretty much the standard protocol for tournaments but I don't have a fancy bass boat. I have a good size Jon boat with only a trolling motor right now.

by Tha_Munk
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Line twist prevention
Hey all, newbie from NE. Kansas here. What's the best way to put new line on an open faced reel spool at the same time avoiding line twist?
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Bank fishing .
Hello everybody, my name is Warren.I am one month into retirment. And just relocated to Nashville, Tn. It has always been my dream to get into fishing once i retired.I have check out some of the lakes here but i dont have a clue what i am doning ( YES ) I am a frist time beginner and refuse to not give up on my life long dream.I have really enjoyed reading all you guys qustions and answers so i am depending on all you guys to help me make my dream come true. All advice will be greatly apprecated.

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Bass with two mouth
Anyone see the picture on google of a bass with two mouths.
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What fights better, snook or largemouth bass pound per pound?
Today me and my buddy got into an argument over which species fights better, I think snook are much stronger even pound per pound. What do u think?

by Snookzilla357
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What do I bring on a 5-day fishing/hiking/camping trip in Yellowstone?
What do I bring on a 5-day fishing/hiking/camping trip in Yellowstone's outback with 5 or 6 guys, that'll surprise the guys and make me The Man?

We already pack in Whiskey we'll pour in to plastic bottles. probably in Billings.

by roraima_is_very_tall
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Crappie help
Fishing 9 acre pond. Once in a while somebody catches a slab crappie. I fail everytime I try. Have managed to catch catfish but no crappie. These other guys only catch one at a time not multiples in one day but when they do it's a monster.
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