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Rubber worms
Hey everybody. I could use advise regarding rubber worms. I’ve never used them, favoring other types of lures. I have a grandson turning 12 in August who has asked for rubber worms for his birthday. What brands do you favor, and why? We are located in southern Maine. Thanks for your help.
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Who knows
Is this a good stringer. Are their better ones. What do you use. Will it hold a very big fish. Got any pictures of fish on a stringer. Any other ways of keeping fish. Unscramble this and catch something on it. NIRSEPN.

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The best tasting crab
I have eaten Snow crab- spider crab-king crab-box crab-Japanese crab which are really local crab and Dungenese. I have never eaten blue crab or stone crab. Of all the crab I have tasted Dungenese is by far the best. My nieghbor from Maryland insists blues are the best.. I was was wondering what every body else thinks.
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What am I?
I wash up on the beach by the hundreds at times in San Diego. I'm about 3 or 4 inches long.

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Not sure how to do this
Hey guys (and gals), not sure how to do this or if you are allowed to.....but
I have, from time to time, seen folks asking about inflatable boats. I bought a top of the line Sea Eagle STS10 10’ inflatable 3 years ago with every accessory available, a $400+ Minn Kota saltwater trolling motor and a $200+ AGM battery. I only used it 4 times before having to battle cancer. Won that fight, but left me unable to use the boat. Just tried and I cain’t do it. Would be interested in talking to someone who might be in the need for such a boat, but don’t know if one can advertise on the forum (but guess I already did) or how to communicate with someone that might be interested. Suggestions please. Y’all have a great day and hope you catch some fish
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Go ahead fish... Mako my day!
Can you guess the location?
Alot of fishermen (and Ladies) don't know that Makos are a sport fish and put on quite a show jumping and spinning!
This guy was finning on the surface and we couldn't tease him in with live bait and fly lining live sardines, so I set up a 7 kt troll with a Nomad DTX minnow and watched him submerge as we aproached from 100 yards out to our starboard. Sure enough, we were "fish on!" As soon as he was in our wake.
The BEST fish tacos and fried nuggets ever!!
I can share recipes if you like.
Be safe out there and add your own "Mako my day" story (fresh or salt).
Tight lines and tails up!

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More Good news and Bad news
So my favorite clear water lake finally opened back up this week. Unfortunately the ramp will only be open 10am to 8pm, actually you can't launch after 5pm. You have to be back at the ramp by 7:30, and off the property by 8(Municipal Water co.) I figured I'd give it a shot anyway.did ok considering the time and wind. 1 Largemouth 1lb 9oz, 2 Smallies 1lb 13oz, and 14oz. Got bit off by pickerel 2x deep and 1more at the boat. Got a couple rock bass, and a 3/4lb bluegill. I guess they like wacky worms too. Don't worry about the bleeding smallie, I put him on the stringer for 10minutes and he was ready to go, all released to catch another day. Maybe tomorrow LOL.

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An Hour at the Pond
Grandson and I went out to the pond. Caught half a dozen small bass, 3 nice bluegill and some small crappie. I put a 5 inch crappie out for cat and Caught the 2.1lb 16 inch bass. You could still see the tail of the crappie in it's throat.

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New bait
I had run out of my favorite catfish bait chicken liver. So while I was in the grocery store. NO CHICKEN LIVERS! I ask counter man. He said no but why dont you try beef kidneys, it's all we have like that. So I bought a 2 lb package took it home, chopped it up to hook size pieces froze it. I used it and the 🐱 s loved it! I could catch 2 🐟 on the same piece. No bag no string no extras just hook it on!
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Bass and Frogs
Over the last couple of days fishing for bass I've caught more frogs than bass. Whenever a bass didn't hit the worm I would bring it across the top of the weeds and in front of a frog. Frogs could'nt resist.

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