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Problem fishermen
My fishing buddy’s wife called me and said she had a problem. She said that the old man has been getting up in the middle of the night putting on his hip waders and rain gear taking his fishing rod and turning on the shower standing in the bathtub and fishing in the commode. She said that he’s been doing this for two weeks. I said why didn’t you call me sooner. She said I would have but I’ve been to busy cleaning fish.
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Message Fly Guy,
Some of you fellers know that besides being a real fisherman, Fly Guy, and the other Guy Brothers Bly, and Sly are or where coon hunters too. I just a little while got a message from Fly, he and Bly were out early this morning treeing coon and had caught their dogs up and started to the truck.

Fly said the sun was coming up and they were at the north west end of a big pasture when they cleared the woods and it was suddenly much warmer there. All of s sudden the biggest rattler either one of them had ever seen came after them. That ole snake was gaining on them quick, so they split up so they might confuse the snake and get away.

Fly said that the snake was so full of poison that when he would open his mouth it would squirt two streams of it about ten feet out of his fangs.

The snake only glanced at Fly when the separated and seemed to know that Fly was the fastest of the two of them, and took out after Bly. Fly said the snake was striking at Bly's heels by the time he got to the fence.

Bly jumped the fence and made it over just a head of the snake who got hung up in that fence. That gave Bly time to get to a young live oak tree and skinny up it. The snake was right behind him though. But thank God Rattlers don't climb trees like other snakes.

Fly was very relieved That Bly had made it up the tree, but the snake was angry and started to bite the tree over and over again. After awhile Bly started to moan and grown. After awhile the leafs started to fall of the tree and Bly had started to cry out in pain. The snake left then, and Fly went to help Bly.

When Fly got to him Bly fell from the tree, DEAD, The poison had run up the tree in it's sap and got into the scratches Bly had gotten climbing the tree. RIP Bly
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Need lessons on have fish again
What kind of bait is the best to use to catch catfish using a rod and reels and also using bush hooks on the Escambia river
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Hey Daytona beach local cjeanes99 32 thanks for having me. I fish!

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Crappies taste great, but I hate cleaning them.
My preference is to leave the skin on, it has more flavor. I was lead to believe that from my dad. He's never wrong. And he's watching me from above.

I recently saw a video on YouTube University, showing an Ultimate Fish Scaler. Either the demo was using a frozen fish, the fish has been dead several days, or that device is really slick.

Has anyone had experience with a powered fish scaler? One with a scale deflector.
I have a power cable wood working thing with a rasp. that might rip the skin though.

Any experience out there?
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Hi I’m new to fly fishing can I get any tips before I get into this endeavour?
Hi I’m new to fly fishing can I get any tips before I get into this endeavour?

by gc1519536
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Official Anglers Anonymous Meeting Hall
(Non-Judgemental, Self Depreciating, Fishing Quirks and Hangups Humor)

*Steps up to fictional podium and clears her throat*

Hello everyone, thank you for being brave enough to come to this topic today. We range from all walks of life, have different viewpoints and yet we share something in common.

We love to fish, like a lot, it's a fact. That's why we are gathered here today. Addiction to Fishing is a real disease and should not be taken lightly! So we are gathered here to speak about your particular 'poison' when it comes to fishing.

For example: I am a huge overachiever and don't like to back down without fight. I am talking about the days when you are casting over and over, moving locations, switching rigs, lures, bait, rods and reels, hell even rebraided your spool with a different color braid because you think it might help. You get so frustrated that by this point you start to think about attaching your knife to a stick and stabbing minnows to death, just to have the satisfaction of CATCHING SOMETHING!

That and the freaking sun. It GOES DOWN too quickly and you have to leave for home, but if you could just throw a few more lines out maybe you can hit paydirt. Then it's suddenly pitch black outside and you have to pack up everything in the dark because like an idiot, you forgot a flashlight because you should have been gone hours ago WITH A FEW FREAKING FISH!!

Anyway, that is my rediculousness out there for everyone to see, will you share yours?
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I keep getting skunked
I have gotten skunked the past 5 times I’ve went out and I need advice. It is getting colder here in Oklahoma and I am fishing tomorrow and I really want to end this dry streak. I have thrown a senko and some crank baits but nothing seems to work. Thank you all

by Matxhew
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Does each individual need a fishing license when fishing with family?
Hello, I'm looking to get into fishing. I recently bought a pole, and am about to buy a license. I plan to go fishing with my sister, and my question is: if I buy a license for myself, does she also need one? Or could we just go together and the license will cover both of us. If not, could she be charged with a misdemeanor? I'm 18 and shes 21. We live in Washington btw. Thanks in advance!

by Nomo13019
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About to give up fishing... Any tips?
California (Saltwater)

Ive been fishing for two years now and have only ever caught four total fish (two SM-bass and two smelt). I've been doing it by myself since I don't know anyone who fishes. Ive been to 4 lakes(even rented a boat) and I fish around the California central bay. I've tried fishing throughout the year and every season and can't seem to catch anything. I've tried talking to people at the pier and most are pretty introvert or act like they don't want to help a noobie. I have a bunch of lures, hooks, and a bunch of other stuff but none has been useful. Do you guys have any tips?

by wanderer6029
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