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Why is carp fishing so hard?
I’ve been trying at carp for the past 4-5 months. Every 2 to 3 weeks I would try for them. I have a method feeder, tried to use a hair rig, tried the panko jello mix, and the oatmeal one. All I have gotten is a turtle. Any good methods or rigs that don’t cost a bunch of money and I don’t have to import from Europe?

by Styreix
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It can't be !

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Few pics from yesterday
caught a bunch,no size to em
5 pickerel, 9 bass

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Yellow perch
Going to Spirit Lake tomorrow for some north Iowa fishing. Never been perch fishing, but have read what I could find. Anyone out there have any advice for me?
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Can I tie lures directly to braid?
I got Daiwa casting reel with 30 lb braid. Casts like a dream. That being said, can I tie lures directly to my line or is a flouro leader necessary? I like to use chatterbaits, jigs, Texas Rigs etc. I fish for largemouth usually.

by SC
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Is it wrong to use spincast?
Growing up my Dad and Grandpa always used spincast so that is naturally what I always used. I have always been aware of the benefits of spinning, but spincast has always done the job for me so I don't see the point in switching and learning spinning. Well this week I am on a fishing trip with my fiancee's family to the gulf of Mexico, I have always been a freshwater fisherman so this is a new experience for me and they knew that. They all recommended spinning for the ocean so I went out and bought me a new pole. Despite researching technique before hand I absolutely embarrassed myself this morning. They have been telling me I am less of a man for using a "rinky dink baby pole" my whole life. Is this the common view? I never thought of spincast as a children's pole because it is what my Dad and Grandpa used. I know there are some lower end ones that are good for kids, but I am proud of mine. I have always just been a casual fisherman and only do it to go relax on the lake alone, so while I know spinning is better I never needed it. I want the opinion of better fishermen than me.

by guyrannosaurusfieri
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Big muskie !
Harvey Hollenback, 90, of Breezy Point, Mn. and his grandson Cameron Ling who was visiting from Dallas, were invited by a close friend, Wade Brill, to go muskie fishing ! On Labor Day week-end, after about an hour-and-a-half of trolling, Cameron hooked up; it took 20 minutes of fighting the fish to get it to the
net, and the lure came out just
as it was being netted !

The fish was caught at a lake
near Longville, Mn.; it measured 44 in., with a girth of 19 in. and was Cameron's first muskie,
ever ! He is now a confirmed muskie hunter !

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Returned from Napa
Well guys you want me to lie to you or do you want the truth?
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Can't farm, just as well fish!
Wanted to combine corn today, but an electrical problem ruined that idea. Talked my wife and daughter into a trip to the pond. Put a worm and bobber on wife's pole, jig with 2 1/2 inch Gulp minnow for daughter. First cast daughter caught a striper, only the second one caught since stocking 25 of them 3 years ago. From the size, it appears they are reproducing. Good sign. I had a 1/16th oz tinsel tail, and we caught maybe 15 large mouth dinks. Wife was getting mad not catching anything, so I took off the bobber and had her drop it on the bottom beside the dock. Game on, we caught about 20 hybrid bluegill that way, kept 6 largest 10 inch 1.25 monster. Biggest 'gill I've seen in person. It was getting dark, so we headed up the bank. I stepped on a stick I didn't see, it rolled and I went down. Sprained a couple of fingers and really stretched the knee I had replaced 5 weeks ago. Still don't know if it hurt or helped it, but doesn't appear to have injured anything so far. 🤞 It was great to see the spray I used did a wonderful job on the duckweed!

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The walleyes weren't home.
Was after walleyes today but the trout wanted the worm. Oh well.

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