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The skunk abides
He is one tough rascal.

Egghead your pole is a magnificent piece of work. It is everything I was looking for except I caught exactly 0 fish with it. This photo is of Anchor Bay Cove, a fairly easy walk to to the water and then probably a mile or so of beach like this. The new reel and Egg's rod I was whipping it out there pretty good, the rip was taking it to my left, so I'd let it drift down, then reel in and throw out again. I's gettin into it pretty good, so I walked a little ways out into the foam and really put my shoulders into it, lost my balance, fell on my left side, wrenched the back and worst of all, the reel blew up. Braided backlash. Holy crap. But the rod was okay. Could have been much worse. So I try to get to my knees, I think I cracked a rib (feels like it) I'm struggling to get up, and this gorgeous young thing in running shorts and a bikini top asks if she can help me. That's her in the second photo, before all this happened. Anyway, I got my fat ass up and moving, walked back to the car and got a different set up (spinning) and went back down with folding chair and parked my butt for a while - I finally did get a bite on a sand crab and it was something bigger than I was equipped to deal with and it broke my line - lost my hook and my 12 pound fluoro leader - probably a ray. So no perch. ? I was fishing at the top of the tide and as it was coming in I could see crab "tracks" everywhere, and they're pretty easy to catch so you'd think there'd be perch. Nope. Hobbled back to the car and we left. Went to our room and licked my wounds. Next day we went up to Gualala and fished around there by the pier. Maybe a half dozen other folks there fishing but didn't see anyone catching. I'm not a huge fan of pier fishing. I moved down to the rocks where I proceeded to lose a bunch of sinkers. There's a couple of pictures of the California coast, and that's what most of it up here looks likes, a shot of mrs spirit wondering where her lunch is and the last is the view at sunset from our room.

Hey, no fish, but we had a great time. We'll go again.

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Boat motors
Please, can some one offer some advice from experience? I have a pair of 1999, Yamaha 250HP, 2 stroke motors on my boat. I have an oil pump that is bad. The mechanic recommended that I convert from the oil injection system to an add oil to the gas system. This sounds like a step back to me. Does any one have any personal experience with that? I don't plan on selling this boat any time soon, so I need to fix it. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
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Not a bad day
Twas a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Went out to check out the last larger pond I hadn't fished in Delaware state parks

First cast put a nice little bluegill on the bank. Oops, wrong fish. The second one was a little crappiewhich obviously is the second shot. Proceeded to go through some worms and caught 4 more nice gills. Moved to the other side of the lake to check it out and found a small slot in the trees and brush along the shore and pulled about 20 handsize gills out in about an hour. All totaled a great day of catching, for a change.

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Had a decent day got some nice ones

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Cold front
High 75 today. Raining like a big dog right now.
Forecast high tomorrow is 42
Going anyway. Trying for crappie.
Running out of season
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Finally caught a decent fall LMB
Water temp is finally beginning to drop. Down to 74 yesterday. Have not been out for about three weeks, so gave DVL a shot and caught this nice 4.53 LMB. May not put the boat away for winter just yet. Not the greatest picture but hey it's a fish. I am a CPR guy and don't have a phone to do all that fancy stuff. I bring my old Ipad and try to set it up on a time delay. Takes a little time and don't want the fish to die. Sorry for the quality.....the fish lived!!

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Aight, dumb question but...
When I catch a fish, would it be helpful to the fish to pop a chunk of worm in its mouth before releasing? My though process is that, while fighting me it burns calories, calories that it has to burn to get its food normally. So if its fighting me for the food, it burns too many calories, then dies. I’m also aware that at a certain point in fighting, it builds up lactic acid(?) which can kill it in enough volume, and its muscles will break down so I keep that in mind while dealing with it.

by bobbit_gottit
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Cape Cod exacta today
5 stripes and 16 blues today.

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A First
Chain Pickerel

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Young Flyfishermen!
Knox and Logan Fuller on the Chattahoochee River in Helen, GA with uncle Jimmy Harris, owner of Unicoi Outfitters. Took three hours on the river to tire these boys out (or more accurately to tire their Papa out!).

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