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Best place to live for fishing in the US?
With my company announcing working remote is indefinite, I have an opportunity to move anywhere in the US for fishing. What would you recommend is the best place?

by Paulythress
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Big lm bass
Fishing clear lake from boat,using live minnows.caught a 9lb15 oz Lm casting just behind a Alabama rig. Trying to send “picture.

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Dad's Bamboo Fishing Rod
It was sometime in 1942 or 43, and we were fishing at Rock Bluff on Red River. There was a pretty strong current although the water was quite clear. We were not catching anything, but just on the other side in Oklahoma, the fishermen over there were catching white bass quite often.

We were fishing with worms, but the white bass either were not interested, or they were congregated in the shallow water on the Oklahoma side of the river. It was both interesting and aggravating to see them catching fish and we were not.

Finally, up in the morning, perhaps 11:00, or so, they yelled that they were going to leave and if Dad wanted some of their bait, to cast his line across the river and they would attach a can to his line and put some of their bait in the can so we could begin catching bass too. (Now I must admit, I do not remember what their bait was, but guess they were fresh dead minnows, because we only had worms.)

Well, from the bank it was too far of a cast. Finally, Dad waded out into the river up to his waist and cast over but it was still a long distance, finally, going out as far as he could in the moving current, he tried to cast as hard and as far as he could.

What happened was the bamboo rod came apart and slipped out of the rod handle and slipped up the line momentarily, then the line parted and all the line and the rod disappeared into the river! Well, it ended the chance to get any bait from our friends across the river, but worse, it was the loss forever of Dad’s one and only bamboo rod. I must remind everyone that this was early in World War II and there was simply no tackle of any kind for sale. All such items were either discontinued or were re-directed to the war effort.

Talk about being ill. No one cried, but both of us were really shocked and disappointed with his loss of his best fishing rod. All that we had left were two old, steel fishing rods that were about 5 feet long and had permanent bends in them. We had to made out with these rods until the war was over and the manufacture and sales of fishing tackle began again.

People today in the current environment have not idea of what scarcity was like during the Second World War. Those things, like fishing tackle, were not available at any price, and you had to do without if you broke or lost what you had. After the war was over, Uncle Joe Samples, who had a small gas station in Idalou, Texas, sent my sister and me a sack full of Double Bubble Chewing Gum.

It was only then that we realized the war was over. However, due to our being used to rationing, we would never chew even one whole piece at a time. We would take a knife and cut one piece in half. That is all we would allow ourselves because we were used to having anything like that to being rationed and scarce. Just Sayin…RJS
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Up North
Having a great week in Flyguy's state. Not great numbers, but we haven't been fishing real hard, either. Lake is new to us, we've caught 6 species, have plenty of fish for a fry tonight and several meals to take home. Here's a couple of pics from this morning.

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Question about storing minnows
So, sometimes we have minnows left over from fishing. For the longest time I used a plastic minnow bucket and if I had any left over I would put them in my garage and throw an air bubbler in there from one of my old fishtanks, and they would last three or four days. I switched to a styrofoam minnow bucket because it’s hot outside and the fish were dying in the plastic one while I was fishing, now when I come home and put the air bubbler in my styrofoam bucket, I’ll check them the next day and three or four of them will be dead and the water will smell horrible. The only thing that’s changed is the fact that I switched from a plastic bucket to a styrofoam bucket. Has this happened to anyone else?

by jb1million
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Only Two Today
My brother and I fished this morning and each of us got two. This was my best.
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What is it...
Tried to upload pic earlier..older man says it's a baby gar?? Any idea

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Just wanted to show what N.C. went through. I know a lot of you have never experianced a hurricane. This is Southport N.C. Glad to hear FS members are ok.

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Best rod/reel combo for a 7 year old with very little experience?
Looking to get a new rod and reel combo for my son for his birthday in a couple weeks. I’d love something that he could use for many years but won’t overwhelm him now. Any suggestions I should look at? (I enjoy fishing but know very little about gear).

by jcvarner
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Who knows
What is this guy. Would a fish eat it , would you eat it. How could I find some , wonder what they taste like. Wonder what kind of fish would eat it. Unscramble this to land your fish. PDTIEN.

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