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Well,,,,,,,,,, boys, let me tell you about this morning.
I got up early, got some stuff done that I needed to do and went trout fishing like I said I was going to do. My sole purpose was to catch a decent trout, take a picture of it and post it on here for you guys to see. Now you have to realize, that the only thing I do with my phone is to plug it in to charge it and to unplug it when it is charged. I can make a call, and maybe if I get a call I can answer it, sometimes. Usually not before it quits ringing but sometimes I can call back. My sweetheart gave me a quick lesson on how to take a picture. Ya, ya, got it. Simple enough. So I tool down to my "Honey Hole", someone is already there but, where he is parked I think he went upstream. My "Honey Hole" is downstream, o.k. good no one is there. I sneak into the water, and on my first cast, fish on, and a decent one. O.K., I'm knee-deep, in the middle of a stream, trying to get my phone out of my waders, with a decent trout on, trying to turn the phone on. It's a smart trac-fone, so it needs a pin number to get it on, o.k. I put the pin in, "incorrect pin", try again, "incorrect pin". This goes on for about 5 minutes. You have to realize that I'm standing knee-deep in water and mud, with a damn phone in one hand and a fly rod with a trout on, in the other hand. I get the phone on and the camera icon comes up, and I punched the icon, and nothing happens, I punch it about a doz. times and the phone goes off. Oh God, here I go again. After another 10 minutes, I get the phone on the, camera icon on, punch the icon and I'm looking at an imagine of myself on the phone. She didn't tell me what to do if this happens. I turned the phone around, that wasn't the answer. The trout was exhausted by this time so I grabbed the tippet to pick the trout up and take the fly out and the tippet breaks, the trout swims off with the fly hanging out of its lip. Tie a fly on, make 3 or 4 more casts and bing, fish on, even a better one. So, I go through the same damn BS again, and again, and again. I quit! Catching a trout was not a problem, they were 10 yds in front of me, but to take a picture was a problem. I climbed out of the stream, took the phone out, turned it on, put the pin in, punched the phone icon, looked at myself and took a picture. Good I will put this on my avatar. I came home and my wife put the picture in the gallery, I pluged the cord into the phone and the computer, Ran the instructions off on how to put your avatar on, and it didn't work! Now it's BEER time.
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New boat
Here she is. Started a new post so I didn't take over the other post.

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Social distancing in Oklahoma
Caught 25 today and was all by myself

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closed fishing
Washington Dept of Fish & Game closed all fishing because of the virus until April 6 and could extend into unknown future. This being the case The WA WDFG is $65 thousand in the red. With that closure why would anyone buy a $75 dollar fishing license when we can not fish. Now that is Democrat government rules to live bye. Our lakes and the Puget Sound covers a lot of water. More people shop in stores gathers shoulder to shoulder the stores than we would out in open air fishing. Cannot fix stupid.
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no fishing in washington state
what the hell! it is illeagel to go fishing in washington state as of 03/25/2020 for sports fishermen. just when you want to go for a little releaf from all the lock down crap! what about orther states?
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New Member
Hello all, I’m Steve from Estelline SD...
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Hi all
I have been reading this forum for a while but can't remember if I introduced myself. I am a semi geezer lady living just east of Tampa in a town called Thonotosassa. I have always loved to fish but am not very good at it but am keen to learn more. And now they have closed down the parks where I usually went fishing ( but not catching except for one fat catfish from the Hillsborough River). If anyone in the area is looking for an occasional fishing buddy let me know. I don't have a boat so have just been fishing from banks and docks....except in alligator mating season.😜
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Andy Griffith's Fishing Hole Song
The original opening song for the Andy Griffith Show, but was replaced by the whistled version.
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Trout rod advice for sierras
Hopefully things will get back to normal by June where I have my first sierras trip planned. I only have one trout rod & would like to get at least one more for the trip. I’m new to fishing (about 9 months exp) I’d like some advice on a rod reel combo for the trip. Have around $200 budget. More is possible less is easy, especially if I’m going to get more than one. I’m in so cal and normally trout fish at big bear lake.
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Son's first catch of the year
I took my son on his first fishing trip of the year and he caught this nice Carp.It's the biggest thing he has ever caught.We had a great time.

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