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I’m figuring, and that’s when things start to go South, that’s a barracuda then next a very large largemouth, perhaps. Takes a strong girl to hoist that one!

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Fee to Fish
I’ve never been to a place where you have to pay to fish but I recently discovered that there is a place about 50 miles from my house where you pay $15 to fish all day. The predominant fish seems to be catfish and the place attracts the typical catfish crowd.

What do you guys think of these places?
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Can't beat the Ladders
If you can stand the sometimes paralyzing cold, a long list of regulations, and a 50% increase
in last year's already high fishing fees, Pyramid Lake is loaded with double-digit Cut-throat trout.
This 15-pounder fell for one of my home-made jigs while l was ladder fishing last week.

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Few more funnies

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Someone was fishing for Moby Dick
Haven't been fishing for a while now due to Health issues. I finally with some new drugs have my piss and vinegar back, also have two new eyes. I can see now with good clarity at a distance, not so much up close.

So with my new piss and vinegar I decided go do some casting at bon Tempe reservoir. My lure went through some grass that felt like hits, no fight but I could feel heaviness on my line that felt like I had something on my line. What I had was some lost monofilament fishing line. I figured let's get it out of the lake and throw away so no one Else fouled there line in it. So as I was pulling it in all of a sudden I see what looks like a trout coming in with it. Okay I think since it is not fighting it was Dead. So I pick it up thinking I would toss it up the bank for the raccoons to have and evening meal. What I had actually was one of the biggest lures I have ever seen for fishing in A small reservoir like bon Tempe. The biggest fish in that reservoir would more than likely be a large mouth bass probably not more then five or six pounds.
Whoever was using it most of had a lot of expectation for Moby Dick or A Great White shark, here are some photos of it.

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New Years first fish
Got in a couple hours of fishing today. Lake Granbury.

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New spot
Took a look at this stream about 3 months ago but I didn't have a PA license at the time. Took a ride back today and gave it a try. The lower picture is the outflow from the reservoir then it runs out into Tulpehocken Creek. The upper shot is where the stream flows onto a special regs area that is pretty heavily stocked with trout. Only artificial lures are allowed. Didnt get any takers, trying with a texas rigged worm, rattle trap and a liive crayfish under a bobber to keep it off the rocks on the bottom. Target was walleye and smallmouth . After no action, switched to the fly rod in the lower section toward the spec reg area, since I saw a few dimples on the water. No luck there either, but I wasn't completely prepared to fish fly. Beautiful day to be on the water though.

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Salmon tonight
This is a Coho (Silver) filet that I fixed for dinner.

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Why do they ban wading shoes with felt soles
Some states ban felt soles wading shoes, anybody can help explain?

by Pugfishin
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ABU Ambassadeur 5000
I have an ABU Ambassadeur 5000 that my dad bought in around 1955 or 1960. It is serial number 351913. This reel was only used a few times and inside is like new. The chrome finish has a little rust on it from sitting in my garage 700' from the ocean. I'm looking for a price. I looked on Ebay and they are all over the place. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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