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Can anyone recommend a smoker?
I've been meaning to buy a smoker for awhile now. Wondering if anyone can recommend a good quality reasonably priced smoker

by bcflytier
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why I prefer fishing over sex
When you go fishin and catch something---thats a good thing

When you have sex and catch something---thats a bad thing

The fish you catch don't compare you to other fishermen

Nor do the want to know how many fish you caught,before you caught them

You can release a fish you have caught without lying and promising to still be friends

You dob't have to change your line when you catch a fish,to keep catching others

If you fish,you lie about the one that got away

In having sex,you lie about the one you caught

You can catch a fish by spending 20 cents for a few worms

If you want to catch a woman,it's dinner and a movie at the minimum

And lastly ,fish don't get angry and leave because you fell asleep while fishing

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Does Anyone Rember
Anybody recall when Al Ristori, from Jersey brought the original umbrella rigs to Monomoy back about 1965 or 66 ??? ANYBODY
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1 lure for bass
If you could only use one lure for bass for the rest of your life, what would it be? I am torn between a Tex rig and a 5” senko... but leaning towards the senko! I’ve caught soooo many bass , big & small on em I’ve lost count 10 years ago. The photo is of a 5lb smallmouth caught in a 5”, wacky rigged, green pumpkin black flake Senko in Tennessee last year during a tournament... other than the Tex rig, a swimjig with keiteck trailer is runner up 🏄🏼‍♂️🎣

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Caught this on accident, thought I was snagged on the bottom
by o_charlie_o

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Anyone know type of fish this is? Pumpkinseed? Caught Southern Illinois
by griffinnnnn

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I caught these in April, 2018 not long before I couldn’t fish anymore. It was a great day. I use jigs to fish for Crappie. I caught these out of Lake Houston, Texas.

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Rehab or acceptance
Has my bass fishing hobby become an obsession... an addiction? I know to well about obsession... as a life long surfer I have , since the age of 8 been completely engulfed in the sport. I’ve lived in Center America, traveled through out the Hawaiian Islands, surfed from Oregon to Chile, and have spent a small fortune doing so. I’m 50 now. Married, own a little house at the beach and have a wonderful 6 year old daughter. Surf less. Enter bass fishing. As my secondary passion has now moved to the forefront. As I was 10,20,30 years ago, obsessed with surfing, bass fishing has now taken over that childish stoke, anticipation. Always in my mind! Wake up, bass fishing, time on my hands, watch bass fishing videos, have a good week financially, Tackle Warehouse, my garage, other than surfboards on the walls, half is stocked with rods, lures, etc. And, the best part, my wife totally gets it. Being a surfer to, she understands the obsession. I’m gonna go study a new lake im gonna fish on Navionics now 🤦🏻‍♂️🏄🏼‍♂️🎣

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How many rods/reels?
I’m just getting into bass fishing after not having done it in years. I currently have a couple of set-ups. A MH spinner Abu Black Max and a Lews Mach 1, also MH. I plan on slowly picking up some other set-ups as I can. But how many rod/reel set-ups do ya’ll keep in active rotation?

by jwrussell22
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Any idea what this guy is?! Looks really cool! Caught in St Pete, FL
by HGoetz02

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