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How feasible is it to fish for sustenance?
Newbie question: how feasible is it to fish for sustenance, to stop buying grocery store meat and to start living off the land, through fishing year-round?

I live in Provo, Utah, near some popular fishing lakes, I'm discovering.

I've been wanting to find a hobby that would get me into the outdoors on a regular basis, for at least one day per week. And it seems like fishing can be done year-round.

The idea of being more connected to my food, of not needing to buy (expensive) meats at the store, and naturally getting more fish oil in my diet (though additional supplementation of fish oil would also be needed to get serious benefits) -- those all seem like good reasons to for me to get serious about fishing for sustenance (whatever that's called).

Two Questions:

(1) After paying for: a fishing licence, fishing pole and bait, and maybe an $80 year-round pass for daytime access to National Parks; do the numbers still add up to be saving money by fishing every week, instead of buying meat from the store? (Freezing fish fillets, to cook and eat throughout the week, fishing one or two days per week in lakes that have plenty of fish and could yield enough catch to last all week long.)

(2) Since fishing for sustenance seems like an enjoyable hobby, it might be worth it even if there is just a small amount of financial savings, or (worst-case scenario) just breaking even with how much it costs to buy meat and fish from the store. ... Is anyone already doing what I'm describing; fishing every week and saving/freezing extra fish for consumption throughout the rest of the week?

by INTP_Music_Man
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Cork handles vs EVA handles
Personally I like cork,for jigging and casting. I feel there more sensitive. Troll doesn't matter except a rod holders can mess up the cork. What's your take.???
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Crank handle on a level wind reel?
I’m right handed and mistakenly ordered a bait cast reel with the handle on the left side. I’ve always used a right handle level wind to cast and switch hands to retrieve. Now I’m wondering if that’s the most practical way of doing it.
Any opinions?
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Braided line
Pretty new to fishing,would like to know lb. Braided line and leader line Line i should use for mostly shore fishing in san diego lakes.
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Need advice
What baits and rigs you all suggest for rainbow trout fishing?

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Best recipe for Redfish?
Hey fishing buddies,

Was out fishing today and though I didn’t catch any keepers my fishing buddy did. He gave me a 19 inch Red. I’ve already filleted it, leaving on the scales.

Do y’all have any recommendations on how to cook it? I grilled it one time but found it too tough. Another time I used Cajun seasoning and baked it but I used too much seasoning.

Any ideas?

by aubman02
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Whats you're story
The first lake I ever visited, I felt Like I was gonna fish the lake out, Because I had a lure, I payed 6.99 for it, But I was younger at the time and know to much about how high they could actually go, So after getting the licenses and everything, I went down to the shore, Taking the fishing rod in hand I sent the lure as far out as I could send it, And let it set for awhile and started reeling in when I felt something on my line I reeled harder thinkin I had something huge on the line after a few moment My heart sank as I realised that I had the lure hook on the bottom I reeled harder and then the line broke, and My lure with which I thought I was going to fish out the lake was gone lying on the lake bottom on the first cast, and I could put my hand on the bible and say I was strongly considering going in after it, and probably would have if it would've been closer in.

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Should i bring my fly rod to Los Angeles?
Visiting some friend for a long weekend. Will probably stay in the city for the majority of the time. Should I bring a rod?

by yopinbo
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Fishing in Southern Ca.
I live near downtown Los Angeles in Koreatown. Am looking for a fishing partner, for ocean shore fishing. I catch fish ever time I go. Last time I didn't catch fish was 6-2014. I fish appx. every 3 weeks. Some of the fish I've (& a Friend) have caught from my spot over the past few years. Can reach me at:

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Thursday Perch
Not doin to bad today.the home made free swing balance rod holders I made are working.

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