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Quantum Spinning Reel giving me trouble - any advice?
Jul 21, 2021 08:29:49   #
FS Digest
Quantum TH20 Throttle Spinning Reel. I cast out, when I reel in.. it will reel in smoothly for a short while then it hits like an inertia or something and the handle just no longer stays stiff breaks in comes loose and bends into the reel.

I tighten it down --and again it happens.

There is the shaft that comes out of the reel to start the handle.. it has a designed barrel bend on it with a manufactured metal tab where they made this bend but its just like a weld - its not a hexagon tool fix - nor do I see how it would help. When its where it connects to the body of the reel is where it strips off? The handle then bends upward.. to the rest of the handle with the finger pad grips.

Forgive me if I didn't not use proper fishing reel part names.

It's Shakespeare and they are here in South Carolina - what can I expect if I gave them a call --- uhhh, if I could find a customer service number. This reel wasn't cheap - for me. I am broke. Thanks in advance. I can provide pics if needed.

by The1uniquesnowflake

Jul 22, 2021 19:12:01   #
Roger Renne Loc: Washington state
Keep calling Shakespeare. Show your reel to a clerk in a tackle shop or a buddy with experience with spinning reels.

Jul 23, 2021 22:14:31   #
bozokarl Loc: south central Pa
Quantum is Zebco not Shakespeare and they're located in Tulsa, Ok. From my experiences they have good customer service. The phone number is 800-588-9030

Jul 25, 2021 16:20:53   #
FixorFish Loc: SW Oregon
So , let's see the pics, "Snowflake"...... hehehe.... won't hold my breath, waiting....*

*Great attempt, Admin, to make this "FS DIGEST" post appear to be REAL....... I ain't buying it, unless YOU ACTUALLY GO AHEAD AND POST THOSE PICS, got'em handy ? Post them now, if so.....yeah, I'm calling your bluff....... Put up or SHUT UP !!!!!!

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