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Apr 18, 2024 16:39:09   #
ranger632 wrote:
No, to catch the big fish you need to go slower and use a bigger worm

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Apr 14, 2024 16:35:08   #
Radar Proof
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Apr 8, 2024 17:54:03   #
Bcmech1 wrote:
I found that telling people they need to turn the steering wheel the opposite direction you want the trailer to go confused more than it helped. So now if I'm teaching someone to back up a trailer, I tell them to grip the bottom of the steering wheel and just turn the direction you want the trailer to go. Much easier.

same here
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Apr 2, 2024 20:13:10   #
Still above water wrote:
We are now as a nation experiencing major diseases that we as a nation have not experienced for the last 50 years. We now have a major outbreak of whooping cough along with a major outbreak of measles in our nation. Most troubling is the rise in polio infections. A disease that was eradicated over fifty years ago in our nation!
Why is this occurring ? Polio was eradicated in our nation over fifty years ago. But now it’s on the uptake!! Immigration as allowed many to enter our country with no regard to their v******tion status. They are now sleeping in city and state sponsored facilities sleeping in totally uncontrolled environments. With zero proof of v******tion status. There children are allowed to now to enter the public school system with no prove of the
Required v******tions that all U.S. students require! Talk about a cesspool of further calamity!All about the politics! The untold story that no politician will speak about!
We are now as a nation experiencing major diseases... (show quote)

Well said ,with you 100%
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Mar 30, 2024 15:09:53   #
susanmelton wrote:
Thanks for the info.

Try a few Boat Dealers
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Mar 23, 2024 16:06:13   #
Tom Wasz wrote:
Thanks guys for all the info on the Lithium batteries. I needed a little input to to verify my thinking on batteries. I will be changing to Lithium soon.

Check Amazon
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Mar 23, 2024 16:02:00   #
Robert J Samples wrote:
Two guys grew up together and when they graduated from high school, they went to the same college. After graduating from college, they separated. One went to live in Georgia and the other went to Texas. But they vowed to get together on a regular basis every 10 years, even though they lived hundreds of miles apart.

At age 32 they agreed to meet at a golf course in Florida. They played 18 holes and then since they were hungry, they decided to have lunch. One said to the other, “Where shall we go for lunch?” The other said, “Hooters!” “Why Hooters?”

Well, their girl servers had big boobs, tight shorts, and gorgeous legs! You are on!

At age 42 again they meet in Florida and play golf again. Where do you want to have lunch? Hooters! Why Hooters? Well, they have cold beer, big screen T.V.s and side action on the game. O.K.!

At age 52, they play golf and afterwards, decide to have lunch. Where? Hooters! Why Hooters? Well, their food is pretty good, and they have a lot of parking.

At 62, they meet and play their mandatory round of golf. Where do you want to go to eat? Hooters! Why Hooters? Well, Hooters has wings, and the food isn’t too spicey! Good Choice!

At age 72, they again meet to play golf. After 18 holes they are hungry, and one asks where shall we eat? Hooters! Why Hooters? Because they have handicapped parking spaces and offer senior discounts.

At age 82, they again meet and play a round of golf. Where shall we go for lunch? Hooters! Why Hooters? Because we have never been there, and I would like to give it a try! O.K. Let's give it a try! Just Sayin…RJS
Two guys grew up together and when they graduated ... (show quote)

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Mar 22, 2024 18:18:45   #
Dakoda wrote:
I think all of these were to close to home. Dang I'm feeling old.

With U on that but I am old..
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Mar 22, 2024 18:11:42   #
1fishmaster wrote:
Another great day at tulloch caught 8 rainbows and 11.2 lb German brown water was very low due to emergency at new Malones and water very stained

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Jan 8, 2024 00:10:53   #
FishermanLeeSonoma wrote:
Well worth it from a safety point of view. I got my before I bought my boat.

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Jan 8, 2024 00:08:20   #
Xfactor wrote:
Always something

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Dec 28, 2023 17:37:05   #
Fredfish wrote:

Just the tip of the Ice with our Governor.
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Dec 22, 2023 15:54:13   #
ranger632 wrote:
Do you know the difference between Portuguese and Portageese ?? Portuguese own the cows and Portageese milk them. My dad was Portuguese and I was Portageese.

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Dec 22, 2023 14:02:43   #
ranger632 wrote:
I am buying a few more St Corix rods, money is no good to me when I am dead

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Dec 22, 2023 13:54:20   #
1/4 English
1/4 Irish
1/2 Portuguese
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