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Feb 14, 2024 14:53:47   #
They are very real places! The Bible is a factual history. And it is cool that you mention Moses. I have spent a lot of my life studying Old Testament "stories." But Moses is one of the most interesting to me, only because I've studied Egyptian history since I was a kid. I do not need archaeological evidence to justify my faith. But just the study of the Pharaohs throughout the Bible with corroborating evidence from Ancient Egypt is really amazing.
The answers are all there. Many pharaohs are in the Bible.
Jacob's Well, Sodom and Gomorrah, etc.
All that exists today.
Neat stuff.
Thank you for sharing.
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Feb 12, 2024 14:33:04   #
Thank you for posting!
The best words to live by and the most important ones too.
God Bless!
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Feb 2, 2024 16:30:53   #
I should really confess here a little.
The "shelf" or "entertainment center" if that's still a thing under my TV in my cabin is a vintage dogsled that won the iditarod. I might be a dogsled nerd.
It's possible.
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Feb 2, 2024 16:20:04   #
No, it was Yukon King.
Or just King.
Great show!
In today's day, it is great to have a show on in the background where the good guys always win!!!
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Feb 2, 2024 14:00:42   #
I'll have to check that one out!!!
That's all I do when I'm relaxing and not doing all my other crazy hair-brained schemes.
Watching Westerns. Tombstone Territory, Cheyenne, all the John Wayne films, etc.
Not a Western, but also Sergeant Preston of the Yukon.

Thanks RJS, for sharing.
You are the best!
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Jan 14, 2024 14:08:48   #
Nice story!!!
Thank God for your Uncle Calip!!!
And that you weren't hurt.
And pears are the most underrated fruit ever!!! I eat pears instead of apples!!!!
There's nothing like a juicy, gritty pear to dive into!!
Just sayin'.
Thanks RJS!!
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Jan 10, 2024 13:28:54   #
Well played!
Thank you!
I needed that laugh!
But people back then did keep weird souvenirs.
A famous boxer named Dan Donnelly, who died in 1840, had his body stolen after it was buried.
Long story short - they got the body back, but only if the Right Arm was allowed to be kept.
The right arm was his famous tool that he used to beat his opponents.
The arm toured the US last year as part of a boxing exhibit.
I think it normally rests in an Irish pub in the UK.
Soaking newspaper in blood is probably less macabre than a mummified arm.
In my opinion.

Thanks RJS.
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Jan 9, 2024 13:08:08   #
Awesome photos and cabin!!!!!
I love Musky fishing, obviously. But one February, I went up to Wisconsin one year in the area that I like to fish to get away during my divorce and fell in love with Winter again. Always the best time of year.
I rode a snowmobile for the first time. Now Musky fishing take second to snowmobiling up there.
I bought a cabin up there during Covid, just one of my Covid projects.
But we are getting excited at a fever pitch for this year's snowmobiling activities!!!!
Thanks for the photos!!!!! I needed that today.
I wish my cabin looked like that!!!
Perfect photos!!!!
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Jan 9, 2024 10:16:21   #
My Grandpa also told me that people (he called them bums) would hang out near the canals of Benton Harbor, MI under bridges drinking the alcohol from "Sterno" cans. They would squeeze the alcohol out of the wading inside the can. He was always there fishing for food for the family.
That was probably late during prohibition or early Great Depression. I'm saying that because of my Grandpa's age.
Crazy times.
Thanks for the stories.
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Jan 8, 2024 14:01:39   #
Cool stories!!!! All of them!
My Great Grandpa had a small fruit farm and lost his "real" job as a cabinet maker. They bartered fruit to get by.
And my Grandpa, as a young man played accordion in bars to help the family out.
He also fished to put protein on the table.
I still have Great Grandpa's chair. I am currently reupholstering it now with cowhide.
An iconic piece of family furniture probably from the 1800's.

Thanks for all the stories!!!
So much that those folks had to do back then to raise a family.
But they were sharp. They fixed things. Stuff that isn't as common today.
Great thread!!!
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Jan 8, 2024 13:51:06   #
Always nice stories!!!! I have a fascination with Bears of all kinds.
I did see my very first Black Bear (in Wisconsin) this Summer on my way to church one Sunday morning.
After having been visiting Wisconsin for 30 plus years and always driving up and having people say, "You just missed a bear. He was here two minutes ago."
That happened a lot.
But driving down the road, he looked up out of the brush, on the side of the road, at me and took off.
I guess he didn't want to go to church with me.

Thanks for another great story!!!
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Dec 20, 2023 14:35:17   #
Hi Sam,
I can help you. Message me directly and I can offer some help, locations etc.
But I am located in the opposite corner of the state, right across Lake Michigan from Chicago.
So, I am not familiar with the lakes up in your direction.
I spend plenty of time in Northern Wisconsin fishing muskies.


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Nov 26, 2023 13:50:56   #
Happy Birthday RJS!!!!
I didn't know you had a Boston Terrier puppy.
That's awesome! My wife and I rescue them.
Usually the really old ones.
But have a good day! And send photos of your pup if you can.
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Nov 11, 2023 14:03:07   #
You have the best stories!
My grandpa was older than you, of course.
But and this isn't technically a rural area, his father, my Great Grandfather hooked up an electric switch under the kitchen counter to turn on the water pump. They were literally the first people around to have running water inside the house.
I have my grandpa's fishing rods that he made back in the 20s and 30s.
And his prized Pflueger Supreme reel along with his steel rod.
He still used that rod/ reel combo in 1991 on a trip we took him on to Northern Ontario.
He caught just as many big pike as the rest of us.
Thanks RJS.
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Nov 2, 2023 13:23:31   #
Great one, Robert!!!!

I'm really glad we are not getting eaten.
That would totally suck!

God Bless.
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