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Jun 18, 2024 19:21:48   #
Shellcracker 1 wrote:
I caught this nice blue catfish yesterday while fishing out from Santee State Park. We also caught several small ones but this was the biggest. Weighed in at 12 pounds

Looks like a tattoo on the back
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Jun 17, 2024 07:47:42   #
Chuckay wrote:
Remember all of those, here's a few more, I've used all of these some not by choice 😂 except the ice tool..

I worked in an ice plant. Ice tongs brought back memories of hard work.
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Jun 16, 2024 20:00:37   #
DozerDave wrote:
Good morning, everyone. First of all I would again thank everyone who were sending prayers and well wishes for me and my wife in our time of need. But unfortunately, after we spent 42 days in the hospital and every effort made possible, my wife lost the biggest fight of her life, and passed away. Taking her last breath, in my arms on June 7. We had some wonderful moments together in our 15 years of marriage and made some wonderful memories. She will forever be in my heart…🐟on

My sincere condolences, sorry for your loss.
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Jun 15, 2024 16:44:47   #
CoDen wrote:
Gotta Love Kids

Those are funny. Made me laugh. Thanks
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Jun 11, 2024 23:52:53   #
Fishandrods wrote:
Got another email awhile ago that I owe $300+ Due today from some co I never even heard of? Deleted it without touching anything. Been getting different ones about once a week. I guess I never should have ordered anything off the net!!! Never had any problems before my iPad and ordering stuff. I’m on my 3rd Mastercard in the last 2 years because un authorized charges that Citi Bank caught! Fishandrods

I can’t remember how many millions older people have lost to scammers. We all have to be aware of these scams. If something sounds to good to be true it probably isn’t good.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:48:24   #
Fredfish wrote:
This is for everyone attending the M&G. Due to some family medical issues, we have a few cancelations. We need to get a count of everyone bringing a boat of any kind. Please respond to this post with the size and type of boat you're bringing. Thanks for your response.

I'm bringing my little 14footer, and can squeeze 1 (smaller) angler in with me.

I hope the fish and the weather cooperate with all of you. Have fun.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:44:45   #
EasternOZ wrote:
Kevin thinks they screwed the pooch.

Like everyone else has an opinion and talks about it. Opinions are like rear ends everybody has one.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:40:38   #
Rheatown wrote:
He’s not perfect but who is have you ever said anything in private to your buddies that you wouldn’t want the world to hear I know I sure have and am thankful I wouldn’t famous enough to have people ease dropping and recording my every statement yes he might of had sex with different women but on bright side at least they were women I’m with you I believe in God and the Bible also I’m probably not the best spokesman or living example for the Christian people but from all the stories I’ve read and been taught I can’t think of very many great men from the Bible that didn’t sin including sexual sins including king David the man after Gods own heart Solomon the great wise one and many other men Abraham son that wasn’t his wifes and so on but you get the point they all had many concubines and sexual sins also so I try not to be to quick to judge and point blame at a fellars personal sins cause I know I’ve sure got plenty of my own and if they all made it to heaven well then I’ve still got a chance
He’s not perfect but who is have you ever said any... (show quote)

The Bible says to leave the judgment of others the God. We are all guilty of judging the ones running for political office.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:38:27   #
Rheatown wrote:
We can agree that every human is a sinner and none of us are perfect but on the court cases I’ll not agree comparing apples to carrots is in any way fair trumps was a made up trail that in no way is legal and the twelve didnt have to even agree on the crime h****rs case was cut and dry and all twelve had to be unanimous as is required by law

I see what you’re saying. Is this the same as r****d e******ns?
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Jun 11, 2024 23:27:11   #
campyboy1 wrote:
I am just wondering if anybody ells has fallen for the free battery power tool kits from Dewalt or Milwaukee tools scams. They ask you to answer a few simple questions and they will send you either Dewalt or Milwaukee cordless tool sets, will, I did and the next thing I know is that I started getting phone calls and emails from finance companies, loan companies, health companies offering health plans or help with medic care and what other ells that's out there. And never received either of the free cordless power tool kits.
I am just wondering if anybody ells has fallen for... (show quote)

I just got a notification that there was a problem with my Netflix account. I don’t even have Netflix.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:23:10   #
Rheatown wrote:
Not a thing buddy he’s one of the ones that suffer from tds no matter what the subject is he has to bring trump into it even if we were talking about scrambled eggs and fried bologna it’s a sickness

By the way let me know when you’re making eggs and bologna. I used to make them in my younger.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:19:55   #
Rheatown wrote:
Not a thing buddy he’s one of the ones that suffer from tds no matter what the subject is he has to bring trump into it even if we were talking about scrambled eggs and fried bologna it’s a sickness

I just saw that big man, I thought he was talking about H****r B***n and the big man. Trump is a big man and both have been found guilty.
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Jun 11, 2024 23:15:01   #
hueey wrote:
What does the laptop have to do with President Trump? And please be specific and with evidence

I didn’t say anything about a laptop. I could care less about it. All morally challenged.
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Jun 11, 2024 19:13:46   #
Rheatown wrote:
Ya h****r and his daddy joe does that mean they took bribes from China and Ukraine and joe was involved in his business deals and they didn’t pay taxes on all them millions that’s funny after how many times we’ve heard him say pay your fair share and last time I checked prostitution and crack was both illegal that raises another issue doesn’t it

We can agree that all of them are morally deficient
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Jun 11, 2024 17:17:23   #
Rheatown wrote:
So does that mean the laptop was real if so that points to a whole lot of other shady business for him and the big man doesn’t it

Him and big man Trump ?
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