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Newbie here....
Oct 7, 2019 18:25:54   #
Beretta Loc: Northern NJ
Hey guys and girls if there are any.. I have not done any fishing in a long time and wanted to get my grandson interested in something other than video games..Any way we as in me and my better half purchased a lake house in February and loving every minute of it so far. It’s a second home for us and its only a 15 minute drive from our primary residents.. Well I think I created a monster as he want to fish all the time and is loving it!! We generally have a good time every time we go out..
It’s a small lake about 50 acres and private so it real quite.. Only issue I have is all the Bass we have been catching are small nothing of any real size and we fished all summer long..I did get a nice size perch last weekend but we are looking for that special spot where all the fish are in that 10% of the lake LOL..
I was thinking that maybe there is just to many fish and not enough for them to eat as it is catch and release only here...What do you guys think?? Here’s a pic if I can post it correctly of him in my boat a few weeks ago...
Thanks Guys!!

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Oct 7, 2019 19:30:16   #
EasternOZ Loc: Kansas City Metro
Welcome B.

From what your saying the bass might need to be thinned out.

Kept cleaned eaten.

No such thing as creating a fishing monster imo.

Most kids are not so lucky nore do they want to walk away from the games.

Good job Grandpa.

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Oct 7, 2019 21:28:20   #
Dennisjj Loc: Kinston N.C.
You are doing a great job and you have got him off video games keep up the good work.

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Oct 7, 2019 22:56:15   #
Desperado Loc: MT Pocono Pennsylvania
Keep him fishing & he will grow up a good young man,good job!

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Oct 8, 2019 06:10:21   #
Beretta Loc: Northern NJ
Thanks guys!! I guess there is such a thing as over populated water full of fish.. As we walk along the shore there are hundreds of fry all over especially in the evening.. Also tons of snail shells.
We went this past weekend all over the lake and checking depth and looks like most of the lake is only 5 to 12 feet deep with a spot that’s 10 to 16 feet deep.. Kind of shallow I’m thinking. Water is not clear its some what cloudy.
We did catch a few bull heads about 2 lbs so as of right now we only caught bluegill a few different species, Bass, large mouth and yellow perch..

Anyone here fishing northern NJ? We would be looking next year to do some fishing out side of the lake.
Thanks Again

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Oct 8, 2019 07:30:12   #
Raw Dawg Ron Loc: St. Petersburg, FL
Who`s the number one grandpa? More kids need to get away from video games and play in the outdoors!

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Oct 8, 2019 08:48:47   #
EasternOZ Loc: Kansas City Metro
Raw Dawg Ron wrote:
Who`s the number one grandpa? More kids need to get away from video games and play in the outdoors!

Several #1's here

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Oct 8, 2019 15:02:45   #
jrchop Loc: West Central Texas
Teaching a youngin to fish is probably one of the best things a person can do he will appreciate everything he learns as he ages. Myself I have seen only a few over run ponds or small lakes and there needs to be some fish come out to make room for the new fish hatching and for the ones in the water to grow and keep diseases down in the population.
Happy fishing

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Oct 8, 2019 15:10:03   #
plumbob Loc: Belhaven NC
Beretta, nice going. Just look at that determination on your grandson's face. Keep it going. Kind of like paying it forward. He will tell his friends and they will tell their friends so on and on and on, and just maybe kids will get out of the house again.


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Oct 8, 2019 15:10:51   #
EasternOZ Loc: Kansas City Metro
My Grandaughters are in the works and learning to accurately cast. The 7 year old is up to 30 feet or so the 3 year old is struggling.

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Oct 8, 2019 20:17:49   #
I don’t think overpopulation is the answer. With bass if you are catching 8” fish in one area your probably going to Catch a lot of 8” in the same spot. You need to try other areas when you can, get your grandson on some fish then go try a different area for awhile. Eventually you will find a big one.

The thing is A large bass will eat a smaller bass so where the 8” fish are they feel safe. They will not be to close to a 5 lb fish.

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