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Do you think the spook or any other topwater bait is anywhere near as effective as the whopper plopper for river smallmouth?
Oct 12, 2021 11:58:54   #
FS Digest
I have heard the whopper plopper is by far and away more productive than any other topwater lure, do you think this is accurate?

My personal experience with the whopper plopper has been pretty impressive, it literally gets hit every time there is an active fish nearby. I have thrown buzz baits with about 1/50th the success rate. What is your experience?

by JoeBates

Oct 13, 2021 19:43:49   #
runandgun Loc: East Texas
I have just about equal success with pop-r's, spooks, and wp's. It's more about water clarity, weather conditions, cover, vegetation, and time of day to start with. Personally, frog fishing is dynamic; again conditions determine success.

Oct 13, 2021 23:46:30   #
i agree to disagree

Oct 13, 2021 23:52:36   #
runandgun Loc: East Texas
Actually, my fault in that I'm fishing more on lakes and large ponds here in East Texas, not rivers for SMB. So, not a valid comparison on my part. Sorry.

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