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The Flying BBQ Cooker, or Do You Want Fries with that?
Sep 13, 2021 11:35:44   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Round Rock, Texas
There are accidents that you are just happy you weren’t any where near, but then there are some that are such that you cannot help but double over in laughter. First, because no one was injured, and the situation turned out to be quite comical. A Keystone Kops event if you are old enough to remember them.

I suppose I should explain the circumstances. Bob and his brother were owners of a chain of dry cleaning and laundry outlets. To show appreciation to and for their employees’ dedication and willingness to give excellent service to their customers, Bob and his brother would annually have a BBQ on a vacant lot near each of their shops. In addition, they would offer free Influenza vaccinations for all their employees and any customers who were willing to take the shot.

Since the brothers had several dry-cleaning shops, they had purchased a mobile BBQ cooker and would tow it from one location to the next. It was a monster with large truck-sized wheels and a capacity to cook a large assortment of chicken, ribs, and brisket all at the same time. After all, this is Texas and trying to serve some roast beef that had been drenched in BBQ sauce would not have been received favorably by their employees. BBQ here had to be done right!

Well, it was the time, I believe either in September or October, and Bob had just finished serving one location, and was moving this huge mobile BBQ cooker to the next store location. He had hooked the trailer hitch to his pickup and was travelling down a Houston expressway and was turning off on an exit and intended to then go down a major street. As he made this turn and looked back, he saw the BBQ cooker disconnect from his vehicle and rather than make the complete turn, go sailing out across the median and headed toward some nearby woods!

He was near panic, hoping his BBQ would not hit another car and injure anyone. He tried event to steer his vehicle to get back in front of it, but it was too late. The BBQ cooker had a mind of its own and where it wanted to go! Fortunately, it wound up hitting some trees in a harmless manner and no vehicle or pedestrian was injured. Bob said he was so relieved to be able to back it up enough to get his truck connected and leave the scene before any police were notified. He said next time he would make certain to connect the safety chain to ensure his BBQ cooker remained hitched.

I told him that would have been a real comedy of errors and could have been a real interesting film for a U-tube video on “how not to pull a BBQ cooker!” Or "how to deliver Flying Weinies!" Just Sayin…RJS

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