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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
Fishing report for southeast Missouri
Sep 6, 2021 01:49:18   #
Shortycain77 Loc: Southeast Missouri
Hi I am Eric from around park hills Missouri I am new here and trying to get some info on lakes and rivers in and around Saint Francois County in Missouri thanks in advance

Sep 7, 2021 15:40:52   #
kermit hunter Loc: S.E Missouri now in Ks
I grew up south of there Fredericktown
Been years since i fished that area
I'm now south of Kc KS

Sep 13, 2021 06:53:14   #
Shortycain77 Loc: Southeast Missouri
Yea Fredericktown isn’t far from me at all next county over

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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests - Forum
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