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Bluegill Fishing
Jun 19, 2021 10:34:08   #
FS Digest
I’m trying to catch more bluegills, what are some of the best setups for this?

by saracensdestroyer

Jun 19, 2021 16:36:54   #
mistred64 Loc: Grayslake, illinois
When we were kids my dad found a thin tree branch that was straight about 4' long. He tied a string to the end with a hook at the end of the string. Add a bobber and a piece of worm and we caught bluegill and sunfish by the basket load.

Jun 19, 2021 19:24:51   #
Fiberglassworker Loc: cleveland Tn
A piece of worm. a cricket, or a fly pattern called a Black ant.

Jun 20, 2021 18:01:53   #
Billy Bob Loc: Terre Haute,IN
Cricket, small gold hook, and small split shot up about 12 inches on the line. Cast to where you think they are and slowly drag on bottom. If you can find some bedding bluegills this is deadly.

Jun 20, 2021 19:17:46   #
bapabear Loc: Blaine, Washington
Cricket if you can get them, black wooly worm fly with red tail, 1/16 oz. jig with 1 inch tubeworm and red worms. I find worms work better than crawlers. Rig with small split shot under a water fill float for casting weight. Adjust depth until you hit fish. If you fly fish, the most enjoyable rig for me is the wooly worm or a small floating popper with rubber legs. Surprisingly to me, I have had more luck on bluegill with a wooly worm than a wooly bugger. I retrieve the fly with 3 inch swimming movements.

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