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Oregon Fishing
Jul 10, 2024 12:27:32   #
jerlands56 Loc: Eugene, Or
Sayonara... a returning novice looking to return to trout and salmon fishing in as many bodies of water as the Eugene area can afford...

Jul 10, 2024 23:59:06   #
PaulFish Loc: Southern California
You are surrounded 😭

Jul 11, 2024 15:14:04   #
Ridleyblake2017 Loc: Honesdale Pennsylvania
McKenzie river is close by. Lots of trout and steelhead, it’s a little late for spring chinook.

Jul 11, 2024 15:58:00   #
Steven Barlow Loc: Winston, Oregon
I'm beginning to think that anything that the ODFW has anything you do with is a Doomed sport for the common person. The prices of a hunting and fishing license with tags keep increasing each year and fewer fish in the rivers to catch. They also reduce the number of "hatchery fish" released and tell us that we can not keep non-finclipped Steelhead and Salmon. I have fished for them for close to 50 years and each year hook fewer fish. Also have seen the number of fish returning to my home rivers plummet to almost zero. This hurts my heart. The Pacific Northwest need these fish to survive. Not just the people needing them for food but our ecology needs them to survive. Each Salmon that returns to spawn feeds the PNW in some way. God help us and this land to survive our governing bodies.

Jul 11, 2024 21:32:56   #
PaulFish Loc: Southern California
I lived in Washington for 37 years and I can attest to the knuckle heads in Olympia.
Years ago we needed more people in the field to help with poaching and trespassing and the State hired almost 800 people, of that 60 percent went to work in Olympia (which was already top heavy) and the rest went into the field. 89 were fish checkers and that didn't leave many warden's.
I've witnessed the annihilation of 3 salmon and steel head runs in Puget Sound. All due to the invasive California Sea Lions.
I could literally go on and on.
But don't get me started.
Anyway my friend l share your misery.
Oregon is about the same also.
I took my granddaughters to catch some bull heads and crappy in the Willamette River and a one day permit was over 25 dollars.
Ridiculous. I had to buy a salmon and steel head enhancement card.
But that's how things are.
The State government in all 3 western States are a mess.
Oh well that's my beef for the day!

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