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Love to fish
Oregon Fishing
Jun 25, 2024 15:24:49   #
w8n2hunt Loc: Klamath Falls
I’m fairly new to the group. Live in Klamath Falls. Wanted to introduce myself, my name is Randy.
Don’t like the lake, like the other lakes though. Any info would be appreciated for

Jun 25, 2024 17:28:34   #
mistred64 Loc: Grayslake, illinois
Welcome Randy.
Where is Klamath Falls? With more info on your location might get some stagers checking in with you.

Jun 25, 2024 17:47:03   #
w8n2hunt Loc: Klamath Falls
Live right in Klamath Falls, I like to fish by ably and Lakeview. Trout and bass. Have a boat so either trolling or bait.
Thanks for reaching out

Jun 26, 2024 14:47:31   #
Papabear65 Loc: Salem oregon
Welcome! w8n2hunt. My name is also Randy and I live in Salem so I don't know much about the K falls area. Just wanted to say welcome and tight lines and good days.

Jul 2, 2024 00:39:11   #
Gpa paul Loc: Oregon
Camped at howard prairie for a few days. Did good trolling and pitching rooster tails. Moved over to lake of the woods. Hope the fishin is as good.

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Introduce Yourself
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