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One Very Happy Bird Dog
May 25, 2023 21:20:21   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Round Rock, Texas
One Happy Bird Dog!

It was fall of the year and Uncle Joe Samples, dad’s oldest brother and his wife had come to visit. Since Dad had to work, he suggested Uncle and I take the dogs and see if we could find some quail. He suggested we try a pipeline right of way on the south side of the cemetery might be a good place to find some birds.
When our bird dogs saw us come out of the house with shotguns, they immediately knew what was up. Both dogs ran completely around our house and still beat us to the pickup and jumped in the back without any help. Yes, they were excited to be doing what they loved most.
As Dad had predicted, we did find several covey of quail in the pipeline right of way, which was cleared ground about ten yards wide, “Bob, take me back to the house, I am tired." (I didn’t know, but guess he was in his late seventies, or early eighties then. I tried to convince him we would find some birds easier to catch out in the open, but he was insistent. He said, why don’t you take the dogs and go back and hunt some more?
While I hadn’t expected it, I agreed. So, instead of taking the pickup, the two dogs, Joe, Sid, and I walked back south from our house about a mile and across a shallow creek. On the other side of this creek, we did find a covey out in the open, I shot at one and knocked it down. Joe immediately retrieves this bird, and you could tell the way he was walking, he was thrilled his boy had killed his first quail. He was shaking his body all over, walking rather stiff legged, and in every way he could express how happy he was. He gave me the quail and still expressing how happy he was. I take the bird and closely examined it. All I could find was one shot had hit the bird’s head, which was a fatal shot.
A few days later, Joe, Sid and I were hunting inside the cemetery. There was a portion of the cemetery that was not in use. It was about one fourth of the total size of the cemetery and had tall native prairie grass about waist to chest high to me. The dogs found a covey, came on point and when they flushed out, the birds had a hard time getting above the tall grass. After they cleared the grass, I shot and dropped one bird who was flying north. But Joe takes off running west. In a moment, he brought a bird back that he had caught! I assumed this bird had not been able to clear the grass quick enough and Joe saw an opportunity to help me by catching it. When he returned with the first bird, I then sent him to find the bird I shot. He found it and brought it back to me immediately. I believe he was as happy that his boy and he made a good team.
We were beginning to make good quail hunters. Just in case you were not aware, if the hunter walks five miles on a quail hunt, the dogs will have run between fifteen and twenty miles, and maybe more! We have had to put boots on our dogs’ feet when the fields were dry because of the wear and tear on their feet. I just hope none of my deceased relatives were disturbed by my shooting in their resting place. Just Sayin…RJS

May 25, 2023 21:47:31   #
Wv mike Loc: Parkersburg area. Wv
Good stuff RJS. I kept beagles for years love to hear them run a cotton tail.

May 26, 2023 06:33:36   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Round Rock, Texas
Yes, WvMike: I have had several Beagles and loved every one. The only misfire was a Basset Hound that was an abortion! Just Sayin...RJS

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