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Illinois Post Spawn Time & Temps?
Illinois Fishing
May 25, 2023 10:57:45   #
TheMinimalistFisherman Loc: Northern Illinois
Hey broskis!
I've been out and about lately - on the lake, not in front of a screen (thank God!) so I haven't posted much. Been out with the kids working on castin' & catchin' without my help... a few examples of my youngest angler "that does it all by himself" are attached - he was using a method like the one my oldest recently used to land some really nice bass - but he had a bobber instead of a popper:

Awesome. Bittersweet. The good stuff.

Question though... I went out by myself a few days ago in the jon boat to a borrow pit I like to fish. The water here is SUPER CLEAR, and this trip, it was also several feet lower than usual (confirmed by the locals). The temp was reading 68°-69° according to my Garmin. I've heard that 70° water can mean post-spawn conditions. I did see several lingering males on beds, but I could NOT get a bite. Well ok, I got 4, but I saw something like 150-200 bass cruising all around me in the clear shallows, down to 15 feet. All sizes. All kinds. NOBODY WOULD BITE ANYTHING.

I had several follows, fish would inspect my finesse presentations just to back off slowly. I tried everything I had, added scent, changed colors, weights... I saw so many but I could not get them fired up.

Is this normal during a post-spawn period, or am I just imagining that? Was it just a tough bite? Like I said, water was low, but a ton of fish chose to stay up shallow and remain visible. They had the option to go deep (this place has steep banks and drops to 40+ feet) but they were just very lethargic.

I've never paid attention to water temps or periods like spawn, post spawn, so any help making sense of this before I pull ALL of my hair out and quit like I wanted to the other day, would be appreciated :)


May 26, 2023 13:45:34   #
NJ219bands Loc: New Jersey
Nice 😊

May 28, 2023 10:45:48   #
TheMinimalistFisherman Loc: Northern Illinois
NJ219bands wrote:
Nice 😊

Thank you :)

Jun 1, 2023 14:36:35   #
big papa fishing fool Loc: Monee Illinois
Thats what fishing is all about!

Jun 1, 2023 16:59:36   #
TheMinimalistFisherman Loc: Northern Illinois
big papa fishing fool wrote:
Thats what fishing is all about!


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