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Back from the Commonwealth - VA trout fishing
New Jersey Fishing, Virginia Fishing
Mar 17, 2023 19:09:56   #
Steelhead Mickey Loc: NJ
Returned from NJ a couple of days earlier than planned. Unfortunately, there was a death in our host's family which cut things short.
Only got 2 days of fly-fishing in & Tuesday had sustained winds & gusts up to 50 mph, which was not conducive to fly-casting. We fished in Augusta county, a couple of places in the Waynesboro area (South River) and Staunton (North River) up into the mountains to fish the shallow & gin-clear streams of the George Washington National Forrest near Elkhorn Lake.
It was great to see & fish the new areas, but the tough conditions limited our 4 fishermen to just 2 trout In 2 days. Fished one place near a place called "The Natural Chimneys", a fascinating-looking natural limestone rock formation carved out by molten lava.
I'll try & post a few pics from my phone later.

Thanks prfishin for the invite, but due to the circumstances, we never made it down to the Roanoke area.

Mar 17, 2023 20:30:18   #
Steelhead Mickey Loc: NJ
* returned TO nj

Mar 17, 2023 21:29:38   #
Dakoda Loc: Cle Elum, WA
Steelhead Mickey wrote:
* returned TO nj

Beautiful country. Sorry your trip ended to soon.

Mar 17, 2023 22:32:58   #
NJ219bands Loc: New Jersey
Nice 👍

Mar 17, 2023 22:39:56   #
Jim Kay Loc: Franklin, Virginia
Steelhead Mickey wrote:
* returned TO nj

Well you got out and had fun,right? Give your friend our condolences.

Mar 18, 2023 06:54:47   #
Slimshady Loc: Central Pennsylvania
Sorry you had such poor weather and had to cut your trip short. Hopefully Mother Nature will make it up to you next time

Mar 18, 2023 10:09:18   #
Papa Jack Loc: Indianapolis
Looks like it was a great trip

Mar 18, 2023 22:33:56   #
Gatorfan99 Loc: Midlothian va
You near midlothian va

Mar 21, 2023 19:25:05   #
Michel Loc: King George VA
Love the pics! Sorry for your hosts loss.
I used to fly fish many many years ago. Tied my own flies too. But after fishing Alaska it just wasn't the same in the lower 48!
Tight lines and following seas!

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