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Meet And Greet, Get-Together Events, Group Activities
Meet And Greet, Get-Together Events, Group Activities Rules
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Feb 8, 2023 10:47:45   #
This section for use by people who organize group activities, fishing trips, get-togethers among our forum users.

- When creating a topic in this section, please make sure to use descriptive title. State the purpose/goal of the meeting, approximate date (if determined), and location. This is needed to make sure that as many people in relevant locations can see your topic.

- Topics in this section will be included in the digest for up to 14 days.

- You can create the announcement topic for your get-together, and later you can edit the title of your topic. The change will show in the digest as well. This way, you can notify others about the status changes of your get-together by changing the title. Unlike other sections, in this section you can change the title of your topic for up to 30 days.

- You can also change the first post in your topic for up to 30 days. That way you can use your first post in your topic as a place to coordinate all details and make additional announcements as time passes. You can link from your first post directly to some follow-up posts inside your topic, even if the topic spans many pages. So that anybody can open up the topic and instantly see the latest and more important information right in the first post.

- Once you create a topic for your event, please contact me and let me know which states to set for the topic's location. It's OK for an event to span multiple states.

- Please don't create excessive topics covering the same event. For example, if you are a participant of an event and want to share your pictures, then please either reply inside the event's topic or create a new topic in Main section. We want to keep this section strictly for the purposes of organizing the events, so that topics don't get pushed down.

- Same goes for event organizers. Please try to limit the number of topics you create for each individual event. It's OK to have one topic about organizing an event, and then another topic for all the users to post pictures of the event. But please don't create a bunch of individual for every little detail. Instead, please update the first post of your topic with such details. And only create additional topics for your event if absolutely necessary.

- If you need to bring extra attention to your event's topic because circumstances have changed or because of some time-sensitive situation, then create a new topic in Main and in that new topic describe the situation and link to your existing event topic. And it's also a good idea to make the appropriate changes in your event's topic's first post to reflect the situation. That way people can follow from Main straight into your event's topic and reply and ask for clarification, and it's all kept in one place.

For the overall forum rules, please check this page.

If you want to reply, then register here. Registration is free and your account is created instantly, so you can post right away.
Meet And Greet, Get-Together Events, Group Activities - Forum
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