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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
Mn ice fishing ; Lake Mille Lacs
Jan 25, 2022 12:03:48   #
Hondomatic Loc: Mn
I'm wondering if there's an up to date report for the week of 1/23 . Road conditions, peak bite times, etc.

Jan 25, 2022 13:26:29   #
JD HEAT Loc: Nebraska
Awesome catch! Will make a great dinner. It almost looks like that eye is wearing lipstick. LOL!

Jan 25, 2022 13:26:38   #
danieltrapper Loc: colorado
Very nice Walleye you got

Jan 25, 2022 14:27:59   #
Jeremy Loc: America
Nice Eye.

Jan 26, 2022 11:06:41   #
Papa Jack Loc: Indianapolis
Nice fish

Jan 26, 2022 14:25:20   #
bapabear Loc: Blaine, Washington
I have not fished Mille Lacs for over 60 years, but it looks like it is still a producer of big fish. Great catch.

Jan 25, 2023 07:10:48   #
Isanti Rascal Loc: MN Isanti
Also have not fished the big pond in years. I like Ice fishing in lakes closer to Isanti but this year seams to be a bust. There are very few roads onto the lakes and if you don't have a high clearance 4x4, forget it. I checked out Big Marine, Forest Lake, Rush lake, (by Rush City) lakes around Cambridge and found if you don't walk out, use a snowmobile, or that 4x4, forget it. Very few houses out there, didn't see more than 3 on any of those lakes. Knife Lake, by Mora, has a road but not the best. I drove my minivan out without trouble. Just think of all those fish not taken that well be there come open water. Most of the bigger lakes north of here do have roads. Sure would like to here, hair, hear, whatever others have found.

Jan 25, 2023 18:47:48   #
NJ219bands Loc: New Jersey
Nice one ☝️

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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests - Forum
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