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Wanna coach in the NFL?
Jan 10, 2022 13:24:57   #
ghaynes1 Loc: Strawberry Plains, TN
The these teams need a head coach today:


Did I miss anyone?

Jan 10, 2022 13:29:17   #
charlykilo Loc: Garden Valley Ca
The JAG's

Jan 10, 2022 13:30:08   #
ghaynes1 Loc: Strawberry Plains, TN
charlykilo wrote:
The JAG's

Right. Forgot that one.

Jan 10, 2022 13:42:44   #
Whitey Loc: Southeast ohio
Denver and the raiders

Jan 10, 2022 14:10:15   #
Seegundo Loc: Lake s minole Georgia

Jan 10, 2022 14:10:39   #
Seegundo Loc: Lake s minole Georgia
Denver broncos

Jan 10, 2022 17:55:04   #
audigger53 Loc: Severn, MD
Ravens! Tried for extra points twice and failed and lost the game. I think that happened for 2 games. I could be wrong, But I watched it happen once for sure.

Jan 11, 2022 14:06:40   #
Jerseydevil55 Loc: South Jersey beach
Your not wrong! Happened twice. Had the Ravens kicked field goals they would be in the playoffs and not the Steelers.

Jan 11, 2022 18:15:50   #
USAF Major Loc: Sea Bright, NJ
Add the NY Giants to that list! About 24 hours overdue.
What the franchise needs IMO is for Mara to withdraw from football operations! He has created a dumpster fire.

Jan 14, 2022 20:09:24   #
bozokarl Loc: south central Pa
Da Bears need a new General Manager too. I'm so happy they both got fired. I hope when they hire a new Coach and GM they fire both the offensive and defensive coordinators too. I'd love to see Vic Fangio come back and be the defensive coordinator. He might not have been a good head coach in Denver but he was a good DC with the Bears before he went to the Broncos

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