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Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
Oct 10, 2021 19:01:42   #
rglenn2 Loc: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
I'm taking my 7 year old grandson fishing next Saturday, 16 October 2021. We will be fishing from a pontoon boat and from shore. Can anyone tell me what kind of fish are biting this time of year, where on the lake is best and what bait to use for white bass?
Thank you to anyone who can give me some ideas.

Oct 10, 2021 20:53:43   #
runandgun Loc: East Texas

Oct 10, 2021 21:05:07   #
nutz4fish Loc: Colchester, CT
runandgun wrote:

Sierra County put together a really nice presentation package here. Great reply to question.

Oct 10, 2021 21:57:11   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Round Rock, Texas
Runandgun: Well, from my experience, white bass or sand bass are realtively easy to find and catch. I suggest you get out on the lake as early as possible, say around sun up.

White bass will force schools of gizzard shad to the surface and feed in a frenzy. You will probably be able to see them breaking the surface early. (Watch for other boats who know where they are.) You can use small spoons, jigs, or even swimming baits. Some fishermen will rig a couple of jigs, or a jig and spoon and pull it quickly on the surface. When you find them it is even easy to catch two at once!

Once the sun gets up and hot, you can use a heavier jig and work ridges along a creek's entrance into the lake and bounce the jig or spoon off the bottom. Another technique would be to troll until you find a school, then cast to them, or lap back and forth across a productive area. Good luck and post your pictures. Just Sayin...RJS

Oct 11, 2021 01:02:58   #
rglenn2 Loc: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
Thank you Mr. Samples. I appreciate your taking the time to respond.

Oct 11, 2021 14:56:11   #
Lynnz Loc: Texas panhandle
I’ve always wanted to fish Elephant Butte Lake. I took my son a couple of summers back. We got there on a Sunday night and set up camp, Monday morning they closed everything down because of COVID. Will have to get back there one of these days! I hope you and your grandson have a great time and that you’ll post pics here of your trip.

Oct 11, 2021 15:47:39   #
rglenn2 Loc: Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico
Thank you and hope you make it back again.

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