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The Buffalo Mascot
Jul 20, 2021 17:20:12   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Houston TX
It was around 1985 when my wife, Jean, and I moved back to Houston. I had accepted a position with a drilling instrument company and Jean, who was an educator, applied and was hired by Milby High School to teach distributive education at that school in Houston.

Our respective positions kept us both quite busy and occupied. Jean, in her work, was also involved with the national association of Distributive Education and was invited to a national meeting and convention that has held in Bartlesville, OK, which was also the headquarters of Continental Oil Company, who was the corporate sponsor. At a banquet one evening, they were served buffalo steaks as a surprise. These buffalo were a part of the herd that was the pride and joy of the president of Conoco.

Jean, being aware that Milby High School’s mascot was a buffalo and their head mount in the high school had long past its prime and was sorely needing to be replaced. So, being there were hundreds of buffalo on the range, she asked if it would be possible to get a new mounted head. They agree to donate a specimen to be mounted. Milby H.S. was to pay for the mounting and freight for shipment from Bartlesville to Houston.

So, a deal was cut, and they were anxiously waiting for the new buffalo to arrive at the high school. Well, everything was going as planned. A specimen was sent to the taxidermist and the head was finished and shipped. However, to everyone’s surprise it never arrived. It seems someone along the way between Bartlesville and Houston stole their buffalo’s head and it never made it to the high school!

So even good intentions are often thwarted. It should have been insured so that if something happened along the way the high school would not have been at a loss for the theft. You cannot predict what a wild buffalo might do, or if someone offers to sell you a hot buffalo’s head cheap, you will know where it came from! Just Saying…RJS

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