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Hi all. New member
Jun 11, 2021 17:03:47   #
Jndreece Loc: Virginia
Just found this forum a couple of days ago. Thought I'd say hi. I live in Virginia and have a place on Lake of the Woods, Virginia. I fish mostly for catfish, bass and panfish, but I'll take anything that's biting. Looking for some spots for big catfish. I do have an old Suntracker Sportfisher deck boat that I get out on the lake with. Any information would be helpful.

Happy Fishing

Jun 11, 2021 17:31:46   #
Spiritof27 Loc: Lincoln, CA
Welcome to the Stage J. I don't know a lot about fishing in Virginia, but I do know some about fishing for cats. Especially big cats. The bigger ones are not necessarily bottom feeders. They are predatory and look for living things to feed on. In California it is illegal to use bluegills as bait, but the big channel cats will eat them like popcorn. That would be my choice of bait were it legal. Check your regs. Flat heads and blues are the same - they're predatory. You will catch some big ones on regular catfish baits like stink bait and chicken livers and such - but if you use live bait that is all you will catch, the little ones won't go for it usually. The big ones come out at night to hunt - daytime they hold up in cover or a deep hole. Fishing a river or stream? Look for holes. The normal river pattern is run - riffle - hole. Fish the holes for cats. And get your bait up off the bottom. Bobbers and floats are the key, especially on a lake. And if you're really serious about big catfish, make sure your rod and reel can withstand the pressure a big cat can bring. They don't mess around and can easily destroy stuff designed for smaller fish. A 20/30 pound or so catfish is no joke, and that's a medium size flat head or blue. Good luck. Keep in touch and post photos please.

Jun 12, 2021 02:32:09   #
BigDbaits Loc: Birmingham Alabama
Hey man I’m new too. I live in central Alabama, and fish for bass. My folks live in Logan Martin, and I’ve fished it plenty. Most of my fishing these days are in an 83 acre 50 ft deep reservoir. Got the boat in and fishing in 10 minutes. Really nice fish, but it’s hard to get a pattern because of the depth. You can actually flip one side or the other in pockets, and have over 25 feet of water underneath. Just caught a slab crappie on a 7 in swim bait, and the huge bream get caught on bass lures as well. Anyway hello anglers!

Jun 12, 2021 06:20:38   #
OJdidit Loc: Oak Creek Wisconsin
Welcome to both of you! The only cats I have caught have been by accident, so can’t hep with those, sorry.

BigD, sounds like you have quite a honey hole there, congrats!

Good luck to both and send some pics!

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