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Stop catching seaweed?
Jun 10, 2021 18:15:59   #
FS Digest
I'm new to fishing.. my second time today! How do I stop catching seaweed and start catching fish? Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Maybe bait/hook is too low??

by westcoastmergirl

Jun 10, 2021 18:32:34   #
D Tong Loc: San Francisco,Ca
Sounds like you are doing the same thing everyone does when first fishing 🎣 as you understand fishing 🎣 is not for those who have no patience 🙏 if this is something you are not capable of accomplishing then fishing 🎣 is not for you 🎣 remember it’s called fishing not catching 🐠 if coming up with seaweed all the time move if you constantly want positive results try the supermarket

Jun 11, 2021 08:30:20   #
JohnG Loc: Long Island NY.
It’s just a part of fishing. Sometimes the weed is so thick I won’t fish. Weather and tides bring the weed, and also flush it out. Not much we can do about it.

Jun 11, 2021 13:55:51   #
bapabear Loc: Blaine, Washington
If you can be more specific about where and how you are setting up, as well as what you are fishing for, maybe some of us can come up with some helpful solutions rather than totally unhelpful negative comments. We all have to go through a learning curve. Your positive attitude and willingness to learn are clear. Otherwise you would not be posting hear. Hang in there. You will eventually get answers to your questions. A great deal can be learned on YouTube.

Jun 11, 2021 14:36:05   #
Jdeforest Loc: Nassau Bay TX
We have a terrible seaweed problem along the Galveston gulf coast every spring. It typically clears up around August. I simply do not surf fish until “weed season” is over. It’s probably similar in your location but beginning and end will be different times probably. Hang in there.

Jun 11, 2021 20:01:53   #
CapeChris Loc: Cape Cod, MA
Tip from a fellow 10 feet from me that was bringing in a clean lure cast after cast while I was bringing in 2 feet of seaweed on every cast: Get a lure that stays on surface (he had a long slender one, name unknown) and bring it in quickly enough to stay on surface.
He didn't catch any fish that evening, but he was in a tournament the next day.
Good luck!

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