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New Hampshire trout fishing
Jun 10, 2021 17:19:13   #
BobbyOrr4 Loc: North Conway, New Hampshire
Hello fellow trout enthusiasts!
I am looking for tips on catching rainbow trout, browns, brookies and lakers in New Hampshire’s deeper lakes during the hot summer months. I do not have access to down-riggers. I use spinning gear, boat w trolling motor.
Thank YOU

Jun 10, 2021 17:30:34   #
maddog10e Loc: Woburn
You can use lead core line with a 10 foot leader of mono, but I put that on a bait caster. Not too sure how well that would work with a spinning reel.

Jun 10, 2021 22:10:06   #
BobbyOrr4 Loc: North Conway, New Hampshire
Any recommendations re depth/how much line to let out?
Recommend streamers for rainbow?

Jun 11, 2021 00:50:46   #
maddog10e Loc: Woburn
It depends on your trolling speed. I let out 50 - 60 feet. I use Joe's flies or Panther Martin. Kastmasters work real good on the big trout that are real deep, but you really need a down rigger for them.

Jun 11, 2021 18:09:09   #
fishyaker Loc: NW Michigan (Lower Peninsula)
Leadcore line is definitely a good way to go when not running a downrigger. There are a few different "weights" of lead line available, but a normal sink rate at a speed suited for your lake fishing scenario would be about 8' down when trolling at 2 mph. At that trolling speed you can expect each "color" (30' per color) of leadcore to sink about 8 feet on it's own. By the way, when referring to a color, leadcore lines will be set up with a nicely visible series of color changes in the braided nylon/dacron coating so you just watch how many colors of line you are letting out to reach a desired depth. You can rig a reel for as many "colors" as you think you'll need, and there is no need to over stuff a reel.

Example, if the deepest water you want to fish is 50', then set up a reel with 6 or 7 colors. You do not need to let it all out when fishing shallower. It is a very effective way to get down deep and not have much line drag...especially of you are in a kayak! When using leadcore, your depth tends to be known fairly accurately.

You can also use a small plastic contraption made by Luhr Jensen called a "Jet Diver" to add more depth power when attached to the end of your leadcore set up. They come in ratings for 10, 20, 30 and 40' respectively. They do add drag, and if the fish you are after are small to mid sized, these could become problematic because you might not even see/feel the fish on.

As a totally different approach, you can also rig a spinning rod with "bead chain" styled in-line keel sinker weights to take your lure/fly down. The trouble is that it takes some experimentation to know the various depths that are achieved with different weights and trolling speeds. Maybe there are some charts available on-line.

Good luck!

Jun 12, 2021 10:08:07   #
BobbyOrr4 Loc: North Conway, New Hampshire
Appreciate you two guys.
Great advice.

Jun 12, 2021 20:28:18   #
fishyaker Loc: NW Michigan (Lower Peninsula)
You are very welcome! I lived in New Hampshire for about 4 years back in the mid 80's, and I had a lot of fun when I could get out and fish...bass, yellow perch and brook trout mostly. I was in a small town called Brookfield near the Maine State line...and worked in Wolfeboro. I was very busy starting to raise a young family so fishing always took a back seat in those years. As you can imagine, I fished pretty close to home so my wife knew that I was never far away. This era pre-dates cell phones, so I had to be wise with my time management!

Had some interesting encounters during those years that made lasting impressions on me. One involved a cow and calf moose on a small stream up towards Ossipee. I had let a bunch of fly line out to allow for a drift around a tight bend in the stream, and as I slowly walked with it to keep an eye on the fly I came upon the moose and calf as I rounded the bend. They were standing right in the middle of the creek. My leader was getting close to wrapping around her legs, so I gently raised the rod and started to reel in my old "click and pawl" fly reel, which in the silence of nature, made an awful sound that had the full attention of that moose. I decided to stop reeling and carefully pull big loops of line into my hand and form a garden hose sized coil. Fortunately, I managed to get enough line back in to allow for my retreat, and it all ended very well. Caught lot's of brookies before the encounter so I left in a satisfied mood, although I was a bit shaken up knowing what "could" have happened!

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