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Smart fish
Jun 10, 2021 09:44:38   #
FS Digest
I was fishing by the dam, a popular fishing spot. It was my first time there, and I saw so many bobbers stuck in the trees that I was sure I’d get a few bites.

I probably had 30-40 bites, but the fish was biting the gulp minnow once and then letting it go. It seems like they knew I was trying to hook them, so they were teasing me.

I walked up the dam and caught a couple of bass within a few minutes, so I’m wondering if the fish that live below the dam are somehow smarter? Or maybe the bass is not hungry and they just wanted to check my bait? I was so confused

by lucasnn

Jun 10, 2021 22:34:48   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Houston TX
I would guess that where you were getting a lot of bites and no fish was becasue wher you were getting a ligh number of hits was due to smaller fish pecking at your bait. If you were being hit by larger bass ther would be no doubt! Just Sayin...RJS

Jun 11, 2021 21:45:04   #
Hokiefisher Loc: Charlotte NC
Fishing pressure will make fish skiddish. With that many floats in the trees there must be a lot fishing pressure.

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