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New to fishing. Looking at lake pleasant andBartlett lake AZ
Jun 8, 2021 15:49:57   #
Dennis1027 Loc: Glendale, Az
I M new to fishing. What type of gear to use and what fish Togo for fun

Jun 9, 2021 15:59:35   #
Az Bob Loc: Phoenix, AZ
1st, if you’re new to fishing, the lake to pick is Bartlett (easier to get bites and catch there). Will keep your interest and enthusiasm up! Gear, depends on if you’ve got any experience with rods and reels? If none, a spinning reel will be easer to master? Next, the rest of the stuff (tackle). Everyone will tell ya something different depending on their experience or knowledge. Try going to a tackle shop like BassPro (Dobson and the 202) and find the reel area and look for an older guy-gal (hopefully experienced) and be honest with them! Tell them you’re new to fishing and plan on going to Bartlett. If you’re lucky they’ll point you to the right stuff. If you’re serious take a 1/2 day guide trip to Bartlett. Most of these guys know the lake and how to be successful and will get you headed in the right direction. Best of luck....

Jun 10, 2021 10:52:52   #
Dennis1027 Loc: Glendale, Az
Thanks for the advise. I will try Bartlett lake

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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests - Forum
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