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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
Best spots on Glen Lake, MI
Jun 5, 2021 10:05:59   #
Looking for best spots for perch and bass in early summer.

Jun 5, 2021 12:59:30   #
fishyaker Loc: NW Michigan (Lower Peninsula)
I have spent numerous hours fishing Glen Lake via kayak over the years. There is a narrow causeway between "big" Glen and "little" Glen Lake. There is only one public boat launch, and it is on little Glen Lake....close to the East end. They require that you do a boat wash before entering the lake to help prevent invasive species, etc. There is also a small park at the Westerly end of little Glen and you can hand launch a kayak from there. I think the balance of the water edges are all private unless you are a guest someplace and then you'll be right on the water!

Little Glen is shallow, averaging only about 10' deep (13' max). Big Glen is rumored to actually be an old meteor crater. Not sure if that is true, but it is shaped somewhat like a big round pit. The deepest spot, sort of North of the center, is about 130' down! The entire perimeter is fairly steep in slope but there is a small bay/inlet near the NW corner that can be good for bass and perch as well. I would try both areas I have suggested first (the narrows and NW corner), and then consider trolling around the whole perimeter to scout it out if the action is slow. In some places the bottom is rocky (small stuff), and in other places it is just sand and weed beds.

The water is pretty clear, so if it is calm, you can cruise around looking for weed beds where the perch may be.

As for the fishing, I have done best in the "fan plumes" of the narrows channel in either direction. I catch more perch in little Glen, but that may be due to the fact that I have not targeted them in big Glen. I have caught plenty of smallmouth bass in big Glen by trolling Rapalas or similar body baits along the shorelines in about 10 to 20 feet of water. I troll mostly in a zig zag pattern in and out to ply the overall depth range. I usually paddle Northerly after coming out thru the narrows into big Glen when I am after bass.

If you have a boat, along with electronics, then you will be able to cover a lot of water more quickly. There are supposed to be lake and brown trout in big Glen too, and although I have never targeted them one of these days I plan to take my boat over there from where I live in Traverse City and give it a try. You would need downriggers, or a long length of leadcore or other suitable way to reach down deep.

Best regards and I wish you great success! If you get a chance, post some photos of your catch and story!

Jun 9, 2021 19:02:45   #
Thanks for the information. Our family has been coming up off and on for 70 yrs. I started going in the 70's and we would catch many perch, sunfish, stripped bass and catfish in both Big and Little Glen.

We have been able to come back for the past 11 yrs but the fishing has not been good. Apparently some Canadian ducks came down to feast 12 yrs ago. I have have had a little luck with small perch in little glen around the drop offs, some bass near the narrows and when the lake is calm and a few larger perch off of Inspiration Point but I have a row bow to use which is too light for even the medium winds that pick up later in the morning - even with 2 anchors and I am not sure how deep the perch are in early summer

Thanks again for the advice. I will try some of those techniques. I mainly enjoy just getting out on the boat.

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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests - Forum
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