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New user
May 2, 2019 20:15:15   #
Redfisher Loc: Florida
Hey everyone ,
August will be the 3rd Anniversary of my 22nd birthday so I’ve been fishing for 60 years. I fish inshore saltwater every weekend.
I’m a Florida boy and kayak fishing is my passion.
Look forward to your post and who knows I might learn something.

May 3, 2019 17:48:00   #
plumbob Loc: New Windsor Maryland
Welcome to the site Redfisher. I spent some years in the panhandle and enjoyed quite a few weekends fishing down there as well. Now in NC and enjoying kayak fishing as well. Best tip I can give you is leave that life jacket on even when you are sitting. A few crazy boaters up here on the Pamlico do not respect us kayaker's.


May 4, 2019 19:07:06   #
Redfisher Loc: Florida
Thanks plumbob for the response.
And the advice. I always wear my life vest per orders of my wife of 46 years.
The places I fish boats can’t go so no worries.

May 4, 2019 20:12:57   #
plumbob Loc: New Windsor Maryland
Happy wife happy life. My wife of 24 years reminds me daily to put on that vest. We are both fortunate in that aspect. You are even more fortunate not to have boat traffic. I have had my share of concerns with boaters around here. Biggest is lack of respect for us smaller crafts.

May 5, 2019 06:37:29   #
Redfisher Loc: Florida
Oh , don’t think I haven’t been swamped a time or two. But I endeavor to persevere and mostly don’t let it ruin my fishing.
Sometimes I will hit the surf if it’s a calm day .
No boats in the surf.

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