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Apr 23, 2019 10:55:47   #
I am hoping to get info and give as much as I can. I grew up in WI. Learned to fish at 4 by my Grandparents and Dad. They were dedicated fishermen (generic wording for both genders). Now I am in FL. Unfortunately I love fishing at night walking in the water. Can't do that here. I like being at the top of the food chain (10 ft. gators, sharks, water moccasins and other creatures) when I fish. So I really haven't done much fishing in 20 years. Moving to OK soon and I will be starting it back up hot and heavy. Going to be looking for walleye, trout, yellow perch. So any ideas will be much appreciated. I am a 64 year old veteran who is disabled. Have a wife and 16 year old daughter. Can't wait to be able to do my fishing again.

Apr 24, 2019 19:19:13   #
Whitecat Loc: Mt Pleasant, Michigan
Greetings Joeseph1,

Welcome to our world of everything fishing. I wish you great happiness in your success in OK. :)

Best Regards and Good Luck!
Fred Williams

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