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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
Smith Lake
Apr 4, 2021 13:30:47   #
RogerF Loc: Birmingham, Al
Just bought a place on Smith Lake and would like some tips on catching Stripe

Apr 4, 2021 13:39:35   #
Robert J Samples Loc: Round Rock, Texas
Roger: I am too far away to be much help to you for stripers. From what I've read, if you can find them you can catch em. Here in Texas they are a schooling fish, much like sandbass or white bass. They follow the schools of gizard shad, You find the shad, then you've found the Stripers. Use lures that imitate the gizard shad. Just sayin...RJS

Apr 6, 2021 06:44:18   #
Ivey Loc: South Central Tennessee, Tim's Ford Lake
Stripers on Smith should be blowing up on top water early and late in the days, look for main lake points with access to smaller coves close and bait. You'll know when you see them looks like someone is dropping bowling balls into the water. A top water walking bait or popper can catch a lot of fish early morning or late evening, long cast over the areas will bring them up when they blow up on your bait wait till you feel the fish to set the hook, hard to do when you see the blow. The Spotted bass on Smith are a ton of fun too.

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Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests - Forum
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