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Single hander or switch rod? Recommendations
Feb 23, 2021 18:53:40   #
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I’m looking for a fly rod for striper, salmon, steelhead, pike, and musky, in or around 250 dollars. I primarily fish streamers and wet flies but may use poppers for pike and striper when needed. A lot of spots on my home rivers have little to no back cast room, while other spots on bays lakes and surf have plenty. I need a rod that will be able to cast both overhead and Spey fairly well for longer periods of time. Many people have recommended one hand rods to cater more towards my saltwater and overhead cast needs, but I keep reading about how fighting king salmon (which I plan to fish for quite a bit in my upcoming Alaska trip) on a single hander is a death wish. I believe my question boils down to whether it’s more practical to overhead cast and fight fish with a switch rod, or Spey cast and fight fish with a single hander. I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum where guys from OPST effortlessly Spey cast single Handers ridiculous distances and I’ve seen people use long bombing methods for over head casting switch rods. I’m currently looking at either 8wt switch rods like redington dually II and echo swing, or 9wt single Handers like the TFO Axiom, mangrove, bvk, redington vice, echo boost, ion xl and others. I wanted to hear your guys thoughts and opinions on this topic

by PiotrB1

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