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USA...., Tips For Spring Bass Fishing! (Beginner and Advanced)
Feb 22, 2021 21:21:40   #
Ron620DVS Loc: Guntersville Alabama

Chatterbait Tips For Spring Bass Fishing! (Beginner and Advanced)


Chatterbaits are deadly in the Spring! Since its inception, the bladed jig has swept the market and continues to catch bass year after year despite incredible fishing pressure. If you want to be consistent its important to know that all bladed jigs are NOT created equal. Choosing the right bait is just as important as the conditions you choose to throw it in! Today's video is for both the beginning angler and the advanced tournament pro. Tim covers basics like "what is a chatterbait" but also dives deep into different blade movements, trailer options, colors, and when to throw the different styles. Tim has specific gear for fishing around grass versus open water, and a variety of other tricks he's willing to share to help you catch more and bigger fish. All of the baits and equipment in today's video are linked in the description below. In addition to the baits, we've included the trailers, exact colors, as well as budget rod and reel options to really dial in your fishing this Spring. All of the links go direct to Tackle Warehouse where you can see detailed photos and descriptions of each item.

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