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Does my reel have too much line on it?
Jan 12, 2021 09:51:28   #
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I'm still relatively new to fly fishing so bear with me please. I'm still using my very first fly fishing setup that I got pre-built. My reel is basically packed to the brim with line. That's how I got it out of the box. I've started noticing that when I reel my line in all the way, the last few feet of line rubs against the reel and makes it hard to pull in. I've been thinking, wouldn't this be an issue if I hook into a larger fish? Theoretically, if I have the fish on the reel and I'm holding the rod up trying to net the fish, the fish could just take off on a run again. The line makes the reel get stuck which stops the drag from letting out line, and -snap- there goes my fish.

Has this been a problem for anyone else? Should I get rid of some backing maybe?

by sleepy_melon63

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Jan 12, 2021 12:52:45   #
Spiritof27 Loc: Lincoln, CA
What are you fishing for? And what kind of reel do you have? For smaller fish - pan size or so - about all the reel does is hold your line, so if you feel there's too much line on it you could certainly take off some of your backing. Don't remove fly line - that's way too expensive to just dispose of it. Most fly lines are 100 feet. Keep it that way. For larger fish, like tarpon, you need a reel with a good drag and I would imagine a good amount of backing - I don't know, I've never fly fished for big ones like that.

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Jan 12, 2021 17:08:02   #
FixorFish Loc: SW Oregon
Yeah, remove some BACKING LINE, sounds like someone got a bit over-zealous spooling the backing. Most fly lines are about 90' and the spendy part of the line set-up, and you don't want it to be rubbing on anything but the rod guides, definitely NOT the reel frame.
Do this removal soon, as every time it rubs, there goes the coating on that part of the line....not a good thing, at all.

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