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What Three Hundred Fishermen Can Teach You

Download your copy of our fishing crash course. This e-book contains raw experience and wisdom of over 300 fishermen, recorded and cataloged by us over a span of 14 months.

You'll be able to follow easy step-by-step instructions, so it's simply impossible for your fishing skills not to improve virtually right away. What's more, our e-book contains tremendous amount of know-how on every aspect of fishing.

Download our course below absolutely free.

It contains the following:

• How to find the 10% of the spots in the water that contain 90% of the fish.

• Which shade and color lure works best in which weather and water locations.

• How to avoid getting your hook stuck on weeds or structures under water.

• How to find out how deep is the fish.

• How to match rod weight to your lure for the best way to cast.

• How to cast. The proper way. (Many fishers with decades of experience still do it wrong.)

• When using cheap lures is better than using expensive ones.

• The essential items you must have with you on a fishing trip (if you are like most people, then you are likely missing at least two of those items, and you might regret not having them with you one day).

• How to prevent fish from picking up your smell on the bait and getting spooked. There are certain substances you should never touch with your hands when you are out fishing.

• Precisely how soon (and not a moment either sooner or later) you must set the hook when a fish strikes. So that the fish doesn't get away. You'll learn to feel it just right.

• How to free up a lure that's stuck at the bottom. (This technique works more than 95% of the time. Never lose a lure again.)

You'll discover all this and much more. Way too much to list it all here, but you'll love it.

And of course, it's all completely free!

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