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• Places to stay clear to avoid getting your hook stuck on underwater structures.

• The 10% of the spots in the water that contain 90% of the fish.

• Where to cast. (Many anglers with decades of experience in the region still get this wrong.)

• Which shape and color lure works best in the current weather conditions.

• How deep is the fish in this temperature.

• The essential items you must have with you on a fishing trip today. (If you are like most people, then you are likely missing at least two of those items. And you might regret not having them with you.)

• How to prevent fish from picking up your smell on the bait and getting spooked given present water movement and other conditions. Certain substances you should never touch with your hands when you are out fishing. Especially depending on rising warmer water patterns changing with weather.

• Precisely how soon to set the hook when the fish strikes. Based on prevalent fish feeding patterns in the area.

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