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User Title

User titles are listed near the user names, both in profile and next to posts. A title is a way to show the level of involvement of a user.

User titles associated with accounts have the following structure:

• "new user" -- first two weeks after the registration.

• "a regular here" -- 20+ posts during the past two weeks (assigned/removed automatically); updated daily at 3:30 AM eastern time. This title shows our active users that make this community what it is.

• "topic starter rank #" -- assigned to people who created topics with most user engagement over the past 30 days. This title is dynamic in nature and will be reassigned daily. The ranking system does not count the number of topics but the quality of the topics based on various user-engagement metrics. This title is reserved only for the top 25 users on the forum who create the kind of topics that inspire others to join the discussion and reply, driving the forum forward.

• "moderator" -- users who help moderate the forum.

User accounts registered over two weeks ago (on any given day) but with less than 20 posts in the previous two weeks don't have any title associated with them.
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