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Mar 18, 2023
(fishing stories, advice, pics from all regions)
(CA) Didn’t expect much on a sunny day
by Fishinfoolyes from Menlo Park, 23 posts
by ranger632 from Calif, 49 posts
(PA) Cougarbaby went to the clarion river
by Cougarbaby from Cheswick pa, 22 posts
(PA) Not exceptional but a decent crappie day
by bknecht from Northeast pa, 27 posts
Nice Rooster
by Gripnriprod from Concepcion Costa Rica, 14 posts
(OH,ON) Small mouth bass
by Whitey from Southeast ohio, 12 posts
(NJ) Local park pickerel 3/17
by greenfrog from Central NJ, 17 posts
(NJ,VA) Back from the Commonwealth - VA trout fishing
by Steelhead Mickey from NJ, 9 posts
(OR) Long Leader Fishing
by RuffplayOR57 from Klamath Falls, OR, 20 posts
(CA) Best Trout I Ever Ate...Not To Mention Weirdest Story
by woodguru from El Dorado Ca, 12 posts
(MI) Waders
by StevenZinn from Sparta Mi, 14 posts
(NJ) 6 species
by NJ219bands from New Jersey, 6 posts
(MI) Long trip heart break
by Riverrat, 6 posts
(PA) Fly fishing class
by Ivankast from New Britain pa, 5 posts
(CA) Victoria Canal today -- no love
by Papa D from Mantweeka, Ca, 1 post
Meet And Greet, Get-Together Events, Group Activities
(CA) 2023 Clear Lake M&G
by NoCal Steve from Dunnigan, CA, 71 posts
Introduce Yourself
(say "Hi" to our new users)
(TX) Newby from Somerville,tx
by IsaacLinebaugh from Somerville, Tx, 10 posts
(GA) A Little Introdution.
by krr6581 from Columbus, Georgia, 17 posts
(CO) The Jumpmaster
by tarpey from CO, 13 posts
(VA) Fishing dreamer
by Freddydave68 from VA, 28 posts
(CA) Love fishing
by Peteg66 from Fresno, ca, 16 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
(when we take a break from fishing and talk about something else)
A tale of unrequitable love
by BadFisherman.11 from Central Texas, 23 posts
Good morning, 3/17/23
by flyguy from Lake Onalaska, Sunfish Capitol of the World!, 19 posts
Thought for Today 3/17/2023
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 32 posts
Good morning
by troyfrd1 from Hampstead,NC, 28 posts
A good day for Calvin
by Graywulff from Cortez,Co., 16 posts
by USAF Major from Sea Bright, NJ, 8 posts
Accidental Face du Jour
by Gmchief from New Hampshire coast, 11 posts
Good Night, Stagers, 3/17/23
by flyguy from Lake Onalaska, Sunfish Capitol of the World!, 7 posts
Today's Trivia Question, 3/17/23
by flyguy from Lake Onalaska, Sunfish Capitol of the World!, 7 posts
The evidence is clear
by BadFisherman.11 from Central Texas, 6 posts
You don't always get what you asked for...
by BadFisherman.11 from Central Texas, 5 posts
Plum meets Ms. Caroline
by troyfrd1 from Hampstead,NC, 7 posts
by Jmk1955 from CT, 5 posts
French Equatorial Africa
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 1 post
How old are you ?
by Commander Bell from Lafayette Indiana, 54 posts
Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
(from all regions)
(LA) South Louisiana - where are the hungry Sac a Lait?
by Deadly Dan from LA, 7 posts
(FL) Mayport Fishing
by vedair from Jacksonville Beach Florida, 9 posts
(SC) Clarkshill
by Shari from Columbia sc, 14 posts
(CA) O'Neil Forebay
by jtruj2304 from California, 10 posts
(CA) Fishing from small inflatable in SF Bay area
by rigrider from American Canyon, CA, 6 posts
(KS) Clinton Lake
by tarpey from CO, 6 posts
(MS) Fishing in Tupelo Ms
by SherryB from tupelo ms, 6 posts
(FL) Shore access info/fishing reports Inverness to Tarpon Springs Fla. area
by mike carroll from sakonnet river, RI, 4 posts
(AL) Guntersville, Alabama
by Bill Sasse from Guntersville, Alabama, 3 posts
(CA) Just Joined
by jtruj2304 from California, 3 posts
(GA) New to site Gainesville Ga
by Fishing Ann from Gainesville Ga, 3 posts
(MO) Smith Lake , Missouri
by tarpey from CO, 2 posts
(MS) Fishing
by Miscindy from Mississippi, 2 posts
(KS) Wyondotte Lake
by tarpey from CO, 2 posts
(OR) Barney reservoir in oregon
by kathleengirod from Oregon, 2 posts
(UT) Otter Creek utah
by Deerelkalope from Santaquin, Utah, 1 post
(OH) Walleye fishing
by PLUGG from Akron Ohio, 1 post
(TX) Lake Fork in Texas
by Poppie51244 from New Caney, TX, 1 post
(AL) Guntersville Crappie Fishing Report
by bamain6 from Guntersville, Alabama, 1 post
(AL) Gulf Shores Al Surf Fishing
by LewisC from Gulf Shores, 1 post
(AL) Coosa River spots
by D4bama from Pell City, AL 35128, 1 post
(AR) Lake chicot Arkansas
by Sharla Crappie Queen from AR, 1 post
(KS) Leavenworth State fishing lake
by tarpey from CO, 1 post
(AL) Dauphin Island Red and Speck Hunting
by SJC from AL, 1 post
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