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Nov 23, 2022
(fishing stories, advice, pics from all regions)
by ranger632 from Calif, 66 posts
(LA) Thanksgiving Sacalait on Da Bayou
by Bon Temps from Lacombe, Louisiana, 18 posts
(CA) Crabbing With Ben & Hal 11/22
by 40GRIT from San Ramon, CA, 33 posts
(CT) Colebrook Wednesday 11/23
by Fredfish from Prospect CT., 36 posts
(LA) Louisiana - Golden Meadow
by Jerry P from AR, 13 posts
(WA) Winter Crabbing Deception Pass
by 67Mustang from Washington State, 7 posts
(NJ) Ocean shad
by NJ219bands from New Jersey, 7 posts
(IN) Catching Channel Catfish In November Has Almost Been Impossible Lately
by Anthony W. Richie from Crawfordsville, Indiana, 7 posts
(CA) Pics from the Petaluma 11 21 22
by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 34 posts
(FL) A few LM Bass in Central Florida
by Verheyen01 from Sebring florida, 15 posts
(NJ) Update on my Yakboat
by Captain Denis from Shark River Hills, New Jersey, 11 posts
(CA) Truckee river
by Elder from Los Osos, California, 23 posts
(CA) Crabbing again 11/21
by 40GRIT from San Ramon, CA, 19 posts
(DE) Fall LMB
by Wicodares from Newark Delaware, 8 posts
(CA) The Ponds, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco
by Fishinfoolyes from Menlo Park, 11 posts
Introduce Yourself
(say "Hi" to our new users)
(AR) Addicted to Redfish
by Jerry P from AR, 2 posts
(CA) Bottom fishing out of OPort in Avila
by Westcoastboy from Arro grande California, 8 posts
(IL) Near by fishing reports
by Genie7744 from IL, 8 posts
(CA) Jason from el sob
by Jwheaton6969 from El sobrante ca, 4 posts
(MO) Crappie Gus from Lake of the Ozarks
by guseriggs from Lake Ozark MO, 2 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
(when we take a break from fishing and talk about something else)
Our Friend Spirit,,
by Jarheadfishnfool from Tulare County, Ca., 49 posts
by hacksaw from Pasadena, Texas, 33 posts
Last Day On The Job
by hacksaw from Pasadena, Texas, 26 posts
Some more about AGING
by Graywulff from Cortez,Co., 30 posts
Meniere Disease, or Syndrome
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 26 posts
G-mornin 11/22/22
by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 37 posts
Bad Joke of the day, 11/22/22
by flyguy from Caledonia, MN. (S.E. MN.), 16 posts
Thought for Today 11/22/2022
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 23 posts
by hacksaw from Pasadena, Texas, 21 posts
A few Thanksgiving funnies
by EZ Fishing from College Ward, Utah, 12 posts
To our Family of Lurkers
by Kerry Hansen from Bremerton, WA, 11 posts
Do You like to cook and have plants?
by Kerry Hansen from Bremerton, WA, 14 posts
Happy birthdays, 11/22/22
by flyguy from Caledonia, MN. (S.E. MN.), 7 posts
To dummies telling blonde jokes
by BadFisherman.11 from Central Texas, 6 posts
by BadFisherman.11 from Central Texas, 5 posts
Orphanage just outside Reynosa, Mexico
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 5 posts
Remember when
by Foodfisher from SO. Cal coast, 4 posts
A Trap in the Pharmacy
by Robert J Samples from Round Rock, Texas, 3 posts
Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
(from all regions)
(WA) Washington state - Black Friday Trout Fishing
by Adiliaandlauren from Puget Sound Washington, 7 posts
(MD) 11/22/22 Yea No Wind
by andys from Federalsburg Md, 7 posts
(CA) Lake McClure
by wmitch2 from Fresno, 4 posts
(PA) Lake Arthur
by Cjschade from Moon Twp, PA, 4 posts
(FL) How is fishing in Freeport Florida
by Ponytail from Elba alabama, 2 posts
(HI) Kawaihae, Hi. Wind conditions
by Edsboat from Kawaihae, HI, 2 posts
(NC) Stripers?
by billjernigansr from Raleigh, NC, 1 post
(VA) Striper fishing Buggs Island lake
by Dana Williams from Lynch Station, Va., 1 post
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