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Jun 9, 2021
(fishing stories, advice, pics from all regions)
by Gordon from Charleston South Carolina, 26 posts
Good day with the grandson
by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 24 posts
Poudre River catch
by Fishonoff from Sacramento, CA, 15 posts
The crappie bite was on .
by Darrell1 from Fountain Hills, Arizona, 13 posts
Muskingum river
by Whitey from Southeast ohio, 13 posts
A rewarding afternoon.
by Fireguy from MA/NH, 12 posts
Hermosa Beach heating up
by Robert Hogaboam from Los Angeles Ca, 14 posts
Top water lures
by Jdeforest from Nassau Bay TX, 11 posts
MLF Stage 4 elimination day & Knockout round
by Eyecrosser from Camdenton Mo. Lake of Ozarks., 12 posts
Channel Catfish rig setups?
by FS Digest, 3 posts
Trying to hook up for fishing
by D Tong from San Francisco,Ca, 7 posts
10 Ammo Box Hacks for fishing !!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Capt. Harry's Fishing Supply!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Headhunter Mega Musky!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
My Deep Water Summertime Spinnerbait System!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Custom Pluggin’ by Mark Romanack (Fishing 411 TV)!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
(see if someone is from your area)
(sticky) California Fishing
by Admin, 406 posts
(sticky) Florida Fishing
by Admin, 92 posts
(sticky) North Carolina Fishing
by Admin, 69 posts
(sticky) Texas Fishing
by Admin, 64 posts
(sticky) Virginia Fishing
by Admin, 59 posts
(sticky) Pennsylvania Fishing
by Admin, 74 posts
(sticky) Georgia Fishing
by Admin, 27 posts
Fishing the Sabine Lake
by Gharris from Port Arthur, Texas, 19 posts
Clackamas steelhead
by Bob Johnson from Oregon, 4 posts
Lake of the Woods Minnesota
by Jerry C from Minnesota, 7 posts
Idaho fishing
by Wilmik98 from Idaho, 3 posts
Anyone fishing in watts bar lake Tn
by Whitereb from Lake Guntersville Alabama, 3 posts
Sore Thumb& Democrat Point fishing report
by Jimmy huk from Queens New York, 3 posts
New to fishing. Looking at lake pleasant andBartlett lake AZ
by Dennis1027 from Glendale, Az, 3 posts
Idaho Lake Pend Oreille
by 14idaho from Pa and Idaho, 2 posts
When at Whitehorse beach?
by Timfallows from Plymouth, Ma, 2 posts
Iowa Cedar Rapids
by Karma from Cedar Rapids Iowa, 1 post
Fishing santa fe Dam
by DUBB597, 1 post
Small mouth around Huntley Montana
by Madd1962 from NC, 1 post
Introduce Yourself
Jimmy Huk
by Jimmy huk from Queens New York, 4 posts
(rerun) Wi'East
by cynthiadov from Welches, Oregon, 12 posts
(rerun) Intro
by Jbauer from Missouri, 10 posts
(rerun) New Member
by trschweers from Seattle, 9 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
6/8/2021 Thought for Today
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 46 posts
The Skunk Story (so very true)
by flyguy from So. Padre Island, TX. 1 & 2, & S.E. MN. 3-12, 24 posts
Good morning 6/8/21
by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 29 posts
Sales tax on food
by Chefgrw from Ocean shores, WA, 19 posts
electric cars in winter
by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 29 posts
aliens arrive on earth
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 18 posts
is romance over
by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 13 posts
Where is plum?
by flyguy from So. Padre Island, TX. 1 & 2, & S.E. MN. 3-12, 28 posts
they didn't see this coming
by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 10 posts
a quickie
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 9 posts
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 10 posts
Dr. Sophie Herzog, Pioneer Texas Physician
by Robert J Samples from Houston TX, 6 posts
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