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Jun 8, 2021
(fishing stories, advice, pics from all regions)
New striper record...
by Fishin'Slug from Rockaway Beach, MO, 38 posts
Back from Sonoma
by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 29 posts
Completed Boat
by J in Cleveland from Cleveland, Ohio, 26 posts
First trip out with the wife in the new boat
by J in Cleveland from Cleveland, Ohio, 22 posts
by The Outcast from NE Michigan, 23 posts
How do I catch worms?
by FS Digest, 20 posts
Decent day fishing with son and grandson.
by OldBassGuy from Temecula, CA, 23 posts
Dinner tomorrow
by bknecht from Northeast pa, 21 posts
Headed to Sonoma
by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 15 posts
Flippin Ark visit. White River
by BassTracker from Manteca Calif, 15 posts
First trip out this year
by EZ Fishing from College Ward, Utah, 11 posts
by ranger632 from Calif, 12 posts
Braid for a spinner?
by FS Digest, 9 posts
1st bass lake skinner ca
by Gibronifishing from So cal, 8 posts
Good Morning on the River
by Thereitgoes, 7 posts
Using candle wax to protect hooks?
by FS Digest, 7 posts
by Lakehousem99 from Lake lotawana Missouri, 5 posts
Spinning reel
by FS Digest, 5 posts
First Smallie of the year on Table Rock
by Mdubya from Olathe, KS, 4 posts
Memorial weekend on Marion Reservoir, Kansas
by Mdubya from Olathe, KS, 4 posts
Need help with Chinook salmon
by Walleye man from Hazel sd, 4 posts
Free fishing in WA
by Kerry Hansen from Bremerton, WA, 4 posts
Dale Hollow
by 865fishn from Tennessee, 3 posts
UV Lures
by FS Digest, 3 posts
$399 VS $649 What's The Difference? Budget Kayak Comparison!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 3 posts
Travel rod recommendation?
by FS Digest, 3 posts
by CAPT BEN from STOCKTON CA, 3 posts
What Are The Best Musky Lures?
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 3 posts
Mate wanted Freeport ny
by Steve Gwcanyon306 from Freeport ny, 1 post
Key Lake Structures || Map Study || Lake Breakdown Practice!!!!!
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
BassQuest LIVE Chickamauga Ledge Fishing Map Study…..
by Ron620DVS from Guntersville Alabama, 1 post
Location-Specific Discussions and Fishing Report Requests
(see if someone is from your area)
(sticky) California Fishing
by Admin, 495 posts
(sticky) Florida Fishing
by Admin, 109 posts
(sticky) Texas Fishing
by Admin, 99 posts
(sticky) North Carolina Fishing
by Admin, 73 posts
(sticky) Virginia Fishing
by Admin, 68 posts
(sticky) Georgia Fishing
by Admin, 34 posts
(sticky) Pennsylvania Fishing
by Admin, 84 posts
Fishing on Wyoming Lakers
by Roger Grant from Cheyenne Wyomin, 7 posts
Any Wi. Fishermen out there?
by kathysdream, 7 posts
Fishing at Mt Hood, Oregon
by cynthiadov from Welches, Oregon, 6 posts
Fishing off St George Island, Fl
by phaskins from St George Island, Fl, 5 posts
Lake Andrusia
by Sharla from Lake Andrusia, 5 posts
Fishing north shore of Clear Lake
by Jdeforest from Nassau Bay TX, 10 posts
Bald eagle Minnesota
by steve-1953 from Saint Paul,Mn, 6 posts
Oklahoma fishing
by Turner.b from Oklahoma h, 3 posts
Seneca Lake in Ohio
by David B. from Ohio, 3 posts
Chub lake Minnesota
by Captainspalding from Duluth Minnesota, 3 posts
Fishing Raccoon Lake
by D2theW from Indianapolis, Indiana, 2 posts
Herrington lake. Ky
by Lily moby from Kentucky, 2 posts
Norris Lake TN
by jdesignor1 from syracuse, 1 post
Introduce Yourself
by cynthiadov from Welches, Oregon, 12 posts
by Jbauer from Missouri, 10 posts
New Member
by trschweers from Seattle, 9 posts
Just registered
by Lucky leroy from Fredrick md, 6 posts
(rerun) New to here.
by JJM from Southern Nevada, 7 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
Good morning
by OJdidit from Oak Creek Wisconsin, 33 posts
An angel stared at me
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 23 posts
Change of plans
by Fish Dancer from Guntersville, Alabama, 46 posts
6/7/2021 Thought for Today
by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 25 posts
by kandydisbar from West Orange, NJ, 19 posts
Current drought !2
by Big A from Gilbert, Arizona, 16 posts
Funny for today
by TXmudbug from Houston TX, 14 posts
monday starter
by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 12 posts
More rain in NE Texas...
by PapaJ from South of Greenville, TX. Near Lake Tawakoni, 10 posts
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 9 posts
Another funny
by TXmudbug from Houston TX, 4 posts
two Swabbies and a Marine
by badbobby from Humble Texas, 3 posts
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