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Feb 22, 2021
(freshwater and saltwater fishing in all regions)
Red lures
   by FS Digest, 26 posts
First aid items
   by Warrenbx8 from Baldwin, Louisiana, 30 posts
Who knows
   by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 31 posts
Del Valle Lake Today - Livermore, CA
   by Elefantdude from Livermore, CA, 18 posts
Ducks Beware
   by Video Bob from Norfolk, Va, 16 posts
Will my braid line work?
   by Jimbo from Sebastian, FL, 12 posts
Baitcaster Reel Under $250
   by FS Digest, 12 posts
Anyone with info on the gulf coast fish kills?
   by FS Digest, 10 posts
Surf Fishing In Santa Cruz CA.
   by Brian 2058 from Fremont, CA., 10 posts
Advice on beginner fly tying (East Coast)
   by FS Digest, 10 posts
How to bleed out perch?
   by FS Digest, 8 posts
Replacing Transom on 17’ Jon boat
   by giljones from Louisiana, 11 posts
Striper fishing in Sacramento Delta
   by pokeymom from Bethel Island, CA, 9 posts
Kayak fishing: What type PFD do you prefer and why?
   by FS Digest, 8 posts
Stinger hooks
   by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 7 posts
Cheap lures
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
Lake Houston: Looking for a bait shop near dam
   by DP Outdoors from Houston, Tx, 14 posts
   by Peters from Lake Ozark, Mo, 12 posts
DFW ponds and this insane freeze we just had question...
   by FS Digest, 4 posts
Recommended Kayak Fish Finder?
   by FS Digest, 4 posts
Fly fishing: Hook sizes and choosing
   by FS Digest, 4 posts
Strip Bass
   by Gshenry from Myrtle Beach SC, 4 posts
Ballston lake
   by rickmatthews1, 4 posts
Fishing report
   by Okatie from Blufton SC, 3 posts
Tybie Island, GA
   by Sheeptic from Central Ohio, 3 posts
Feather River, CA tips
   by FS Digest, 3 posts
Fly fishing: Indicator Fishing
   by FS Digest, 3 posts
Sweetwater Park
   by Manson from Sweetwater Lake, 3 posts
Does any one fish Churchill cooling pond in N.V?
   by FS Digest, 3 posts
How to Read Less Expensive Fish Finders
   by FS Digest, 2 posts
   by padrebino from BROWNSVILLE, TX / SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX, 2 posts
How To Start Fishing Any Lake for Beginners
   by FS Digest, 1 post
Fixing Tailing Loops
   by FS Digest, 1 post
Fishing lake monticello sc for smallmouth in march and april
   by doc1969 from se ohio, 1 post
(rerun) Drinking and fishing
   by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 101 posts
(rerun) Who knows
   by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 68 posts
(rerun) Your favorite fillet knife
   by FS Digest, 47 posts
(rerun) The skunk has been badly injured
   by Spiritof27 from Lincoln, CA, 126 posts
(rerun) How old is too old?
   by JerryT, 61 posts
Introduce Yourself
Thanks for the add
   by dhcausey from Sanford, NC, 11 posts
   by P R M from Kentucky, 9 posts
New Member
   by ReelDrag from San Joaquin, 9 posts
New to forum
   by MikeHogan from Newburgh NY, 9 posts
   by ply59 from Missouri------Rolla, 14 posts
Take a kid fishing
   by Evil Boll weevil from Palm coast Florida, 9 posts
(rerun) Introduction and greeting
   by DABay from Fort Myers, Florida, 9 posts
(rerun) Hello my name is Marvin
   by Marvinhriggs52 from Newport, NC, 7 posts
(rerun) New to Forum
   by twarmke from Angola, IN, 6 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
We just bought our new home!!
   by Fish Dancer from Sequim Washington, 70 posts
Good morning 2/21/21
   by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 75 posts
   by dbed from Brock, Nebraska southeast Ne., 18 posts
   by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 16 posts
Sunday observations
   by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 17 posts
2/21/21 Thought for the day
   by Graywulff from Cortez,Co., 14 posts
   by badbobby from Humble Texas, 15 posts
Homemade Lye Soap
   by Robert J Samples from Houston TX, 18 posts
Beautiful Creature
   by Kerry Hansen from Bremerton, WA, 12 posts
So, why is it, so many people have the moving bug lately?
   by flyguy from So. Padre Island, TX. 1 & 2, & S.E. MN. 3-12, 16 posts
male or female?
   by badbobby from Humble Texas, 12 posts
The two Jersey guys who rowed across the Atlantic
   by greenfrog from Central NJ, 7 posts
   by padrebino from BROWNSVILLE, TX / SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX, 7 posts
60F in NE Texas but still have water problems.
   by PapaJ from South of Greenville, TX. Near Lake Tawakoni, 6 posts
   by padrebino from BROWNSVILLE, TX / SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TX, 5 posts
Chop ice
   by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 6 posts
(rerun) how stupid can you be
   by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 40 posts
(rerun) I'll trade places with you
   by flyguy from So. Padre Island, TX. 1 & 2, & S.E. MN. 3-12, 29 posts
(rerun) Morning, 1-19-21
   by Ivey from South Central Tennessee, 62 posts
(rerun) Good Mornin' A good 02/20/21
   by flyguy from So. Padre Island, TX. 1 & 2, & S.E. MN. 3-12, 51 posts
(rerun) Hope
   by Ronniejw from West Point MS, 19 posts
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