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Jan 12, 2021
(freshwater and saltwater fishing in all regions)
What do you do if you have a fish that is bigger than your rod is supposed to handle?
   by FS Digest, 28 posts
Pics of where I fish and today's catch.
   by Iteachflyfishing from Rockaway Beach Missouri, 22 posts
Stocking a pond
   by Lee626 from Brick NJ [ near the Jersey shore ], 35 posts
55# Cubera snapper pic
   by Maximo from Jupiter, Fl, 53 posts
   by Mike Simone from Pacific Grove CA, 18 posts
What kind of fish
   by Katriniagirl from Denver, 18 posts
Lake Berryessa
   by Kingsalmon2021 from Elk, 13 posts
Fishing the California central coast 1/9/21
   by Crusty Rusty from Fresno California, 20 posts
Big A$$ tube
   by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 18 posts
Peshekee River, U P
   by Kirkmanr from Midland Michigan, 23 posts
Bank fishing for Faltheads
   by Lonny from Forest Park, Ga, 15 posts
Interesting article on fishing in Paris
   by CGB from Los Angeles, 10 posts
Quick question
   by FS Digest, 8 posts
Trout fishing
   by Zerb10of11 from Sacramento, 10 posts
Two FL Pompano and 5 of something else.
   by Fish4fun from Clinton, NJ & Venice, FL, 12 posts
Kayak fishing: Stadium Seats?
   by FS Digest, 6 posts
Bass fishing Flathead Lake
   by TomDavid from Bigfork, Montana -Bass Fisherman, 6 posts
Got waders and I'm looking for a shoe for them
   by FS Digest, 6 posts
Winter Trout
   by fishdoctor from Hunterdon County, NJ, 5 posts
So Cal trout
   by Tom D from Orange County Ca, 5 posts
Best replica mount company
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
Okuma celilo vs st croix and more expensive rods
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
Are there any good trout fishing spots this late in season in nor cal?
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
Fly fishing: How do I increase my cast distance with my 10wt?
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
Lake fishing in north Georgia
   by Bender V from Northwestern Georgia, 7 posts
Port st Lucie fishing
   by Jrjh from Florida, 6 posts
Bolsa Chica fishing
   by Loves to Fish from Riverside, CA, 6 posts
American River steelhead fishing
   by Mswood222 from Sacramento,CA, 5 posts
How to Fix Uneven Line
   by FS Digest, 5 posts
How to float fish rivers
   by FS Digest, 4 posts
Low budget sonar
   by FS Digest, 4 posts
   by Heath smith from Kalamazoo,mi, 4 posts
Hubbard Lake, North East Michigan
   by Billordiway from West Branch, MIchigan, 4 posts
Common Fishing Mistakes
   by FS Digest, 3 posts
Destin florida
   by Doc ward from Destin. Florida, 3 posts
Scent releasing soft plastic sponge bait
   by JLUTEN from Fleming Island Florida, 6 posts
Shaky head jigs and baits
   by FS Digest, 2 posts
Ice fishing with regular jig heads
   by FS Digest, 2 posts
Fly fishing: To egg or not to egg
   by FS Digest, 2 posts
Rod suggestions for a Curado 200K or a 150 DC
   by FS Digest, 2 posts
Top 3 Pier Fishing Methods to Catch Fish at Any Pier
   by FS Digest, 1 post
(rerun) Fishing with my wife
   by william pennie from Hopatcong New Jersey, 122 posts
(rerun) Is Northern Pike any good for eating?
   by FS Digest, 43 posts
(rerun) Meet and Greet discussion
   by Randyhartford from Lawrence, Kansas, 113 posts
(rerun) Other people’s gear
   by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 65 posts
Introduce Yourself
Getting back to it
   by Ralphmagee from Allen park, Michigan, 19 posts
   by JDB from GA, 17 posts
New guy
   by Kensoder from Coventry,ct., 9 posts
New user Jdub041
   by Jdub041 from San Francisco, ca, 10 posts
I am a newbie here
   by DWJ from SouthWest Florida (Inshore, Gulf), 9 posts
   by Loves to Fish from Riverside, CA, 12 posts
Hello everyone from Mr.T rides
   by William williamson from Texas 78343, 12 posts
New to fishing in Destin bay.
   by Unprr from Okaloosa Iland, fl, 8 posts
Murrells inlet fishing
   by JR2 from Murrells inlet SC., 6 posts
(rerun) New to the group
   by Fish365 from Upstate NY, 39 posts
(rerun) Farrlee
   by Farrlee, 12 posts
(rerun) Introduction
   by Biggshow from Tyler, Tx., 18 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-fishing talk)
Good morning 1/11/21
   by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 72 posts
A couple of Cowboys??
   by Graywulff from Cortez,Co., 52 posts
This Is Our Future
   by hacksaw from Pasadena, Texas, 41 posts
Happy Birthday
   by Fredfish from Prospect CT., 11 posts
Good news
   by Ben Bragg from Dayton Ohio, 24 posts
1/11/2021 Thought for Today
   by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 19 posts
Photo of the Day 27
   by Gordon from Charleston South Carolina, 10 posts
for you lovely ladies on FS
   by badbobby from Humble Texas, 10 posts
the nurse and her instructions
   by badbobby from Humble Texas, 6 posts
Who knows
   by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 6 posts
(rerun) surgery
   by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 58 posts
(rerun) good shootin
   by saw1 from nor cal Windsor, 43 posts
(rerun) Good morning 1/9/21
   by ghaynes1 from Strawberry Plains, TN, 40 posts
(rerun) 1/9/2021 Thought for Today
   by plumbob from New Windsor Maryland, 44 posts
(rerun) Supper
   by Wv mike from Parkersburg area. Wv, 21 posts
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